Working on working out


Check out

All kinds of workouts for whatever your goals are, most without any equipment. Downloadable/ printable sheets of the routine. They also have a smartphone app.


So how we all doing? Going strong, or in the post-resolution fade?

This morning I worked the maize bag for 45 minutes and skipped rope for 15. Kickboxing tonight.


I was thinking about breathing some life into this thread, you beat me to it.

I wouldn’t say I’m going strong, but still going.
It was a sunny, warm day and a buddy and I xc skiied 7k in 46 minutes. It was fast! My tracker told me I burned 450 calories. I live for winter days like yesterday. Having a friend with pushed me to do my favorite ski loop 5 minutes faster than I’ve ever clocked.


I’ve personally hit a dip in the past week. Feel unmotivated and so tired but know it’s a catch 22 as I’ll also feel alot more energetic and motivated if I can get my butt into gear…


Going as planned. Just changed My routine 3 weeks ago. Spring is coming So soon it’s running season. Already confirmed Extreme run and Helsinki half Marathon for participation. Still waiting for tough Viking to tell Me If I am going or not


I’ve been super time crunched and sleep deprived. Got some riding in out in AZ last week, and I just knocked out some intervals tonight. Still going, just not at much volume as I want.


Day 2 today back to the gym. Yes I workout/teach martial arts 6 days a week but this is for lifting to add some bulk and possibly do a marathon.

It feels good to get back. Taking it slow. Dont want to be in so much pain I cant lift a kicking target. So far so good.


2019 is gonna be my comeback year.
been to the gym 3 times this week and started the keto diet last week I have 70 pounds to go after my heartbreak so it’s going to take a while but once I see some little progress I know I’ll feel better.
I just never suspected this heartbreak for me to gain so much weight I’ve never been this size


Had a surprisingly good night of climbing last night. My current project is a 5.11, which is beyond my wildest expectations for myself. This time last year I was working on 5.8, now I’ve been sailing through 5.9, 5.10, 5.10+.

Crushing it!!


Get a fitness app on your phone that shows you workouts that you can do in your living room. Most also track your progress on things like weight, BMI, etc. There are dozens of decent ones that are free, but a lot of them lock the full usability of the app behind a pay wall.


You must have a different way of grading your routes. I’ll have to look it up.


The Darebee app.


This morning I warmed up with 15 minutes of Shadow Boxing, then 3 sets each of the Darebee Vigilante, Push Pull Express, and Kick Boxer routine, finished with 15 minutes of kicker stretches.


Pushed myself out of my lazy rut today and went for a 30 minute run followed by some kettle bell work. Felt good! Willbe back at it tomorrow :slight_smile:


They are different. I currently work on USA 5.11a.


Our wall grades by the sport grade. We seem to be working about the same. Most of the routes are between 4 and 7.


I’m not sure if I’m “back” at it. But I’m going to try to hold myself a little bit accountable by trying post in here again. I set my alarm to wake up and do ANYTHING exercise related for ANY amount of time this morning. I got in about 25 minutes of stretching and lifting and then went on a short walk with my dog.


Sometimes we gotta fit it in where we can and listen to our bodies when they’re telling us to rest or ease up. Rest and complacency aren’t the same thing, no matter how much my overachieving ego tries to tell me otherwise.


Me messaging with a friend today:

Me: I keep meaning to work out and then not doing it. I keep trying to “find the right moment”, which is stupid because the answer to that will always be “later”.

Me, later: I’m doing it right now.
actually does the workout for once


I’d say you are back at it in first gear, so as not to discount what you are achieving at the moment, while still differentiating it from the intensity you’re aiming for in the future. From here, you need only shift gears as needed, not start the whole car :slight_smile:

Great morning shot by the way!