Working on working out


I could read Churchill quotes all day.


I love getting out there too. I’ve a handicap of 24 but I’m convinced it’s because I play on a Sunday which was a notorious “hangover” day for me. Used to play to get out in the fresh air. Hoping I can now knock 5 off my handicap this summer.


Nice! I was a 12 handicap, but I have not played in over a year, so I’m sure i am very rusty!


For some reason there are is like 2 golf clubs in every Delaware town. Baywoods is my old stomping grounds. They call it the Augusta of the Mid-atlantic.


That’s a beautiful looking course. I’ve never played golf any where other than my local club but you guys have some spectacular courses there. Getting out there in the fresh air and smashing the ball 250 yards off the tee, nothing like it. This is my local course :


Today at the gym:
5 times 6 reps of squats with 187 pounds
5 times 6 reps of deadlifts with 198 pounds
2 times 10 reps of leg press with 590 pounds
2 times 10 reps of leg curls with 82 pounds
2 times 10 reps of leg extensions with 82 pounds
3 times 20 reps of sideways sit up thingie with 20 pound extraweight on my lap…
3 times 10 reps of sit ups with 20 pounds extra…

This one is for Stevie Tee…who said it the best…you got to lift those weights and then repeat, repeat, repeat repeat…


@Yoda-Stevie Is turmeric as a spice the same thing that you’re using…like if I make food and spice it with turmeric?


Not sure if you’d be getting enough of the active ingredient, the thing that makes it useful. I just take supplements to make sure. Sort of like taking fish oil to make sure you get enough Omega-3’s.


Have to head to a local sports store then…I’ve been having issues lately with getting tired towards the end of the week…so I need all that is possible for recovering faster


Love this topic! Working out seriously keeps me sane. I do at home workouts four days a week. I work from home, so this helps break up my day. I vary training regimes, but have scheduled lunchtime workout sessions, with Wednesday as a recovery day.

Then, post-work, I either go for a road or trail bike ride, rock climbing, or hiking in the mountains.


The tumeric I take is in Joint Warfare. Also includes Glucosimine, Condriton and MSM. This helps with joint soreness. I take a Branched Chain Amino supplement to provide recovery fuel for the muscles, along with a high quality Whey Protein supplement. I have noticed faster progression, quicker recovery, and less DOMS since I began supplementing, and at my age, this is important.


Msm and glucosamine are two of my go to’s also. What’s condriton for?


Same thing. It is shark cartilage. It is supposed to provide building blocks for connective tissues in the joints.


Sweet, I’ll have to check into that! My ex’s father was a genius on this stuff, got me into the rest of it. I’ll have to let him know! I still say he should have either gotten rich working in that field or go with his calling as a pastor. He still hasn’t done either but I keep telling him there’s time! :blush: In the meantime, I’ll be happy with my gorgeous stained glass work of art lol


Thanks Yoda Steve!


Body resistance exercises on floor. Pinterest has a ton of routines. I do legs, butt, abs, yoga poses, etc. or YouTube!


If you cook with tumeric you need to add black pepper to it. That helps release the curcumin which is where the health benefits come from. You also nee to be careful not to burn it.


Headed to Krav to learn more good ways to do painful things to bad people.


I’m taking a rest day and just walking 4 miles. I rode about 3, but I don’t want to overdo it.

Surprisingly not sore from putting 81 miles on over the weekend


Watch out for DOMS…delayed on set muscle soreness. Used to get me on day 3 after a long ride. The light walk will help. Stretch after the walk when the muscles are warm.