Working on working out


My strategy is based on the fact that if I am aware of how hard I’m exerting myself, it’s torture as you said. I choose something where my brain will focus on something else. Volleyball, dance, aggressive uphill hikes. Most other stuff is just tough going for me.


That… is a good question. Hiking is my go to. Just lacing up now to head out. I like running when I get into a meditative stride, but I keep plateauing short of where I’d like to be (3-4 steady miles) and frustrated.

Guess that’s it. For enjoyment I have a hiker’s plodding mentality, and that keeps leaving me at a wall. Would simple variety help? (grasping)

Heh. Haven’t tried Zumba though it has come up…


I have thought about trying Zumba because I really enjoyed the game Just Dance. …when video games get you off the couch :slight_smile:


Eh…try shadow boxing or skipping rope. Both work up a good sweat


Oh man, I used to rock some DDR. That’s a frickin workout!

Hmm… something to do with that old console maybe.


DDR! I forgot about that! Good times, good times. I got super into FFR, a spinoff, as a teenager. Into it like you wouldn’t believe. Too bad FFR takes the exercise out of it (though my fingers would have disagreed!)


Never had guns before. Showing these here :muscle:


Nice work!


I meant to respond and completely forgot. Do you wear a heart rate monitor or anything when you hike or jog?

Intervals aren’t the most fun but maybe you can just speed up for a mile at a pace faster than your 2 mile. Do a mile like that, then do your regular pace for a mile, then that faster pace for a mile. Or half miles. Actually, try half mile efforts first. Maybe a total workout of 1.5 miles. It’s still an interval, but a different pace.

I do variations of intervals, so different legnths of effort. Like 5 min hard, 3 min easy. It’s all relative. The harder the effort, the more recovery you’ll need. Maybe don’t go so hard that you need to walk in between the hard efforts. Just do it consistent intervals a couple of times a week and you should be able to get past that plateau.

Fuck,I really need to read this shit before I post. That barely made sense to me and i wrote it.


You can do 2 days of those a week, with a nice easy pace in between days to make sure you’re recovered from the interval days.


Can you incorporate trail running sporadically into your hikes?

You can also do fast paced, weight training. Lift medium/heavy weights, with little rest in-between sets.

I bought a jump rope recently and love it. Friendly tip if you buy one, if it’s a stiff plastic cheap rope, do not jump rope without shoes. You’ll end up whipping the tips of your toes and it’s PAINFUL!!

Fast paced up hill walking can help increase cardio as well.


I absolutely love/hate skipping lol. I try to do 1000 skips a day.


Thank you, @Jante76, @Lionfish, James and Stevie. There’s gold across the board here. I will try on all the things and see what sticks!

Back is starting to feel human again, working on some mild strength training and stretching this week to get it 100%.


That’s a great daily goal… Kinda want to add that to my routine :thinking:


Yeah years ago I was obssessed with crossfit and our trainer set a challenge of 1000 skips a day. Its really good adding it into your workouts.


Do you have a license for those, ma’am?


Lately (for the past 2 weeks) I’ve felt worn out. I’m starting to wonder if I have some nutritional deficiency or something. But that’s beside the point.

Just wanted to share that I’ve dropped 14 lbs since October 1, 2018. Even though my workout routine was almost nonexistent the last couple of weeks I still lost weight by keeping pretty close tabs on my calorie intake. Trying to share something positive. Things have felt blah and gray and lackluster so I’m trying to highlight any progress.


After a week of flu today I made it back to the gym…really gave it my all and feel so good right now…I already know that my legs are going to hurt soon…no pain no gain…
Good to be back :slight_smile:


Started laying the rubber mat flooring in the Brojo, this morning. I’d delayed due to a family emergency, but really want to get it done.


Keep at it!