Working on working out


Been running these last two days!


0°F on my run this morning. Brisk. Double-layered every piece of clothing.
Still managed to put up good time, despite very stiff joints that wouldn’t warm up. I’m usually closer to 7:30/mi, but given the circumstances this morning, I’m ok with being a bit slower.


45 min elliptical workout this morning. Getting back on track with M, W, F elliptical and some other form of exercise on Tue, Thur and the weekend. Now that I’m over 50, i find that my fitness levels drop quickly if i miss several consecutive days. So i try to not miss workouts 2 days in a row. Even if that means just lacing up the boots and taking a 30-min hike or walk. Can’t wait for it to warm up and get back out on my bike.


Managed to get out for another 7km ski on my favorite cross country loop. It was a slog but the conditions were great. I’ve got the evening to myself tomorrow and might be adventurous and try another trail system that is further from my place. If my legs are feeling up to it of course.
Goodnight all!


Climbing with frostbitten feet was not the best. But at least my climbing buddies laughed at me wearing slippers whilst belaying. It was nice to bring them a little joy at least.


I’ve been told about that thread and I’ll be joining you guys. Re-starting to put some more volume of training this week (because lately I’ve been destroying my body somewhere in the week by 2-3 days of drinking).

What had saved me from stopping completely is that I train in group/team. I do crossfit and I’m in a team so I don’t want to let my team down. It motivates me to get sober. I am also trying a triathlon club this week. I think that could help too. I figured that community is a big key to success in many areas. So this week I plan on doing 2 crossfit training, 1 bike, 1 run and 1 swim. I used to do twice that volume, but I’m putting a realistic goal considering my lasts weeks behaviors.

I would ask what are you guys working out on ? But I guess I’ll catch up the thread in the next couple days:P Have good day guys!


I do CrossFit usually 2-3x a week and climb 1-2x a week. I also try to do yoga daily, bit for me that’s more a moving meditation. Welcome!


Has anyone else seen this? If it’s true that’s pretty incredible…


almost can’t believe it


Pretty sure the guy on the right is a drinker too :wink:



Good to be back to my normal routine after a week tending to family. Great Brojo workout this morning. Krav wasn’t too challenging. Spent class coaching a new student. Hit it again tomorrow.


I’m doing well with sobriety. Now I need to buckle down with the exercise train. Hit the treadmill yesterday. Hate the treadmill, but just too cold outside for this chick. 30 minutes of fetch with the dog and I’m an icicle.


Ok you animals…it’s come a time to do a challenge…I was asked to do this by my personal trainer and it was quite a ride…
You’ll need a gym to be able to do this…and a timer…
7 moves…
400 m run
30 reps of squats with kettlebell (men 24 kg/ 52 pounds and women 16 kg/35 pounds
30 reps of push ups (ladies can do ladies push ups)
30 reps of kettle bell snatch (not sure if that’s correct in english…the one where you swing it between your legs and up in front…) same weights as squats
30 reps of sit ups with legs on the wall in 90 degrees…
30 reps of push press with 12 kg in each hand…or ladies 8 kg…
And the grande finale is 400 meter row with a machine…and my gym uses the machine at 8/10 level drag…

And this is done as fast as possible…My time was 10 minutes and one second…
Get at it…would love to hear results if someone wants to challenge themselves


:scream: maybe next year


That is an intense workout, I will definitely see what I can do lol the row machine and treadmill are upstairs while the weights and mats are downstairs, I’ll have to sprint to get a better time lol


you need to bring the weights next to the machines…you only need the 35 pound kettle bell and 18 pound dumbbells


I’m looking for the part where I get to punch, kick, elbow, knee, or toss someone. All that lifting and rowing and snatching and running…and I don’t get to hit nuthin’?


That’s an option… What’s a push press? Like a bench press? 10mins seems quick-great job!