Working on working out


you do that all the time anyway…there’s a world outside the box Stevie :wink:


I have started doing yoga and I LOVE IT! I follow that by 30 minutes on my stationary bike (need to up that to about an hour I think), and then I use my free weights. I have a goal to be healthy but also making a small goal to lose 10 lbs by my next doc appointment😉


yoga and bike sounds like a great way to exercise…I have to admit that I am one of those poor individuals who just don’t seem to be able to mentally reach a state of mind that is required for actually doing yoga…to my defence though…I did try once.


I’ve only just started but it seems pretty good, not too hard, and I’m sweating by the time it’s over so it seems to be good so far. I’m only doing beginner’s yoga right now. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the advanced yoga…


Have you tried astanga? Quite physical line of yoga. I prefer more sivananda yoga and likes. Almost graduated yoga teacher speaking. Had to stop when i couldnt stay in balance caused by my brain problem


You know that I haven’t…if me doing yoga was somehow reachable I think I would have already reached that point :wink: I move only by the grace of god…meaning that I am in need of some serious stretching…But what can you do when you’re stupid and set in your ways…I promise that when I find myself a woman I will start yoga… :wink: so probably never


We’ll have to start searching. Quickly.


Aw, c’mon. Let her run around the gym like it’s a game show! :joy: Can take however-many meters off the treadmill distance.

This sounds awesome.


This is why I do all my HIIT routines in the privacy of my home :joy:


Yes…but inside the squared-circle is where I belong.

Just got me some new boxing shoes too. New rubber flooring was destroying my bare feet.


No I haven’t tried that, but I will check it out for sure. Thanks!


This sounds like a fun challenge! I’ll give it a shot on the weekend :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been super slack lately so not expecting a great time but gotta start somewhere right!


Excellent. Tell Me how it went…


The past week I’ve been getting back into the routine I had going a month ago (doing body and free weight training, starting cardio again). Support has been helping my back, that’s all better.

Still paying the price in soreness/stiffness from getting lazy for a few weeks. Ah well, worth it.


I did two yoga sessions today via YouTube, my stationary bike, and my weights. I hope to up my game next week…


Scared to weigh myself today. Couldn’t face the scale yesterday for my really bad and really short workout.
4-5 day relapsing I’m pretty sure it’s over a 10lb drop :confused:


Again at the end of My routine ten minutes with these. 40 seconds of work 20 rest. For ten minutes. Gets you high.


I’m failing miserably at working out. I think I’m having issues with social anxiety. I used to go to the gym all the time years ago, now it makes my chest tight just thinking about it. Ugh!!


So workout at home. has tons of workouts, most don’t require any equipment. They even have an app for smartphones.

I use these workouts almost every day.


Battle ropes will wear you out quick, because they work muscles in a motion no other exercise will except doing uppercut sprints on a heavy bag. Thats why lots of MMA fighters use them. Good on ya for hitting these.