Working on working out


I have a few things I always do when I’m feeling anxious about going to the gym after a break.

First, I’ll workout at home as long as I need, to get back to feeling a little more confident with my body. Once I start to go back to the gym I always wear headphones to keep the outside world out. I’ll wear an extra layer of clothing like a bigger sweatshirt and loser yoga pants. I dunno why, this just helps.

Also if I’m really feeling anxious at the gym I’ll just stick to cardio machines. They face a TV, I can kinda be distracted by my phone, everyone that’s on them is kinda in a trance themselves and just focusing on what they’re doing.

Once I’m feeling comfortable to go to the weight room area, I’ll stick to exercises that I feel good doing. If I don’t want to stick my big butt out, I’ll skip squats, lunges, deadlifts etc and focus on leg press machine, or arm, chest, back exercises.

You could find some things that work for you to ease yourself back into it.


It’s in my routine at the moment…ten minute HIIT…every week on my upper chest, shoulder day…


What @Yoda-Stevie said if you wanna get over the hump. I work out at home, mostly for convenience/consistency. Lunges, crunches, sit-ups, jogging, free weights, yoga. So much to do! He and others helped me a bunch on the 30-day challenge thread the first month in.

Now clumsily starting my second round of fitness goals and down 40 lbs (!) from where I started overall. I’m with you though. Keep thinking I need to get it to the gym for the next level, and even have a buddy here who keeps needling me… @Lionfish, those are solid tips.

I remember from my college gym days how much there was nothing but respect for anyone who kept showing up. Such a supportive lot.


What a great site!! Thanks, @Yoda-Stevie, I’m going to get started with these in the morning!


Okie dokie so did a muck around in the gym today to get familiar with the challenge. I’ll time it tomorrow when the kids are all at school. One problem though, the gym in the complex that I live has a rower and although I can adjust the tension, the screen doesn’t work properly to display the distance… don’t suppose you know approximately how many arm pulls you did on the rower to get to 400m??


hmm…had to do a google search on this…most answers said that doing a short and fast stint, such as this one you get around 8-10 meters/row. So depending on which is it, the number of strokes would be from 40 to 50.
Have fun :slight_smile:


this week in numbers: 102885 steps, 21675 calories, five sets of exercise…a run, three gym workouts and the challenge…I call this week a success


Last night my GF and I were talking about our basement. It’s a completely finished basement, we just haven’t made use of it yet or really put it together. The thought has always been to make it into a “man cave” sort of thing…walls covered with pictures (including a blown up print of Ozzy’s mugshot), string lights, a bar (that’s for her, not for me), darts, etc.

Last night, fully knowing what the response would likely be, I tried to sneak in the suggestion that we just gut the whole thing and let me turn it into a gym for us. We’d save so much money on memberships over time, and save time driving to-and-from! No crowds! Workout any time!

…It was met with a very swift and firm ‘no’.

Welp, I tried :upside_down_face:

Seriously though – I am really starting to sour on my new gym, only 6 months since we moved and I had to switch. Not enough equipment, too small, too many people…many of whom are a particular brand of obnoxious meathead that just really rub me the wrong way.
Problem is, it’s the only bodybuilding gym in the area. All the other ones around here are planet fitness and similar…no thank you, not my kinda place. Been there, done that. Really trying to think of what I want to do. So that’s what I’m mulling over today!


Why does she not want it to be a gym? Is splitting the space in half and each having your own area to create what you want an option?


Could you perhaps go at an unpopular time of day? With fewer people there it might not feel so small, and there’s less people to share the equipment with. I guess it depends on your schedule.


I’m afraid it’s not big enough to split.

I can see why she wouldn’t want to do it, it’s already finished and beautifully done. It’ll be a great hangout spot once we get things going down there.

But don’t think my mind isn’t drifting to when we put in our new shed…we plan on putting up a nice big one…so I’m hoping I can carve out my own space in there!


Ah, see that’s the thing. I go before the usual “after work” rush, and it’s still this way. I get done with work at 3, get there at 330 and out by 430/5. I can’t even imagine what it’s like at 5/6 pm.

Unfortunately, not enough time to go in the morning before work (they open at 5, I need to leave my house for work at 6), except the days I work from home. If i am working from home, I am there at 5AM when they open. Nice, quiet gym.

It might just be something I have to live with, which I can. It’s such a “first world problem” for me to be moaning about :joy:


I see. Yeah, I don’t know what I’d do in that case. I personally need to get over my fear of “the gym” in the first place, haha. Until then, it’s bodyweight home workouts for me.


Gym or no gym, the fact that you’re exercising is excellent!

“The only bad workout is the one that doesn’t happen”

In regards to my issue…now that I’ve typed it out and briefly discussed it, I think this just falls under my self-improvement agenda of “not letting minor inconveniences fluster me”. One of the things I am trying to work on.


Dude, I’m a member of that club. Letting minor inconveniences fluster me…

So I went to kung fu yesterday. Walked to the bus station, took the bus, got there, signed into the class, got changed. I realized just before leaving that I didn’t have gym shoes, so I grabbed the pair I knew were clean and not going to damage the floor. Street shoes. Anyways I almost went back home because I had this paralyzing fear that people would judge me for wearing “the wrong shoes”, when in reality, they were perfectly acceptable even though they weren’t optimal.

Also almost went back home because I forgot to bring a lock (borrowed one from the front desk), because I didn’t have cash for bus fare (bought tickets at the grocery store), because I didn’t know what the class would be like (I thought about something else), because I felt intimidated when I did walk in (I stood my ground and joined in), and because I felt like I had been out of the house enough today (I told myself how lame that excuse was). It’s such a simple thing to go to a class, but I find so many problems with it.


Gotcha that makes pretty good sense then :blush:

The shed sounds like an awesome alternative!


Well I’m glad you went, despite your mind throwing so many roadblocks in the way in an attempt to stop you! That’s a victory for you, buddy. How was kung fu?


You can always drink the kool aid and join the CrossFit ranks! :rofl:

Today was an awesome workout day for me. Split jerks! After long warm up gradually increasing weight, it was 5 sets of 3. Smashed it at 5lbs heavier than the same workout in Dec.


I have been contemplating that kool aid lol. Just to go take on one of those cross fit games.


Stretching and walking are my regular work outs.