Working on working out


Last night for Krav, trained with my semi-regular partner. A brown belt. We can push it and go close to real, because we know how to get out of each other’s way, and everything is smooth and controlled.

So tonight I get paired with a white belt. “A” for effort, but a bit of a spaz. Had to keep stopping him and telling him “slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Precision beats power” but he wasn’t getting it. Took a couple errant shots that missed the target mitts. Eh, we were all white belts once.


I can only be on @aircircle on this !! I worked out in a regular gym for years, got bored, especially with the mean people in general, then… a friend of mine offered me some KoolAid (crossfit) and since that day I never looked back. You can go on specific hours when you want and it’s always a class of people open minded (well where I go) and a coach who’s helping you with the form and motivates you.
Ok I’m a little bit promoting too much. But I’m an addict so, you might understand :grin:
But moving in any way every day or so is already a good thing .
Annnnd I wish I had the space for a home-gym :sweat_smile:


So @Rain666 I did the challenge! (I chose to do 50 strokes on the rower) So drumroll lol… 11min:53 secs I’m determined to make it down to your time :facepunch: it was really fun in a painful kinda way :joy: keep those challenges coming :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s awesome @Becsta!!


Get some!!!


I did 19.3 Open workout last night. Oh my gosh I can barely walk today


Are you going to give it a go?


I had the opposite experience. I, a first-timer, get paired with an experienced but excitable guy who wants to see how fast and how powerful he can push me to be. I protest mildly, because I want to get my form right. I found a balance of exploring what it could feel like to turn up the heat and learning at the proper pace.

It worked out okay though, in this case. He respects it when I calm things down to where I need it. We switch partners frequently enough that I can get a “taste” of the excitement, within reason, but spend the vast majority of the time going slow.


I want to, and I’ll add it to my list of goals, but I’m taking a break from the gym for an undetermined amount of time. Your time was impressive! :blush:


Continuing from 30 day challenges:

@WCan: Yep! Got another 30 minutes in the hamster wheel at the fancy resort gym here today. Earned the extra dessert I may have snatched at dinner… progress not perfection? :yum:


I’m still here, still doing that same 7km loop. It was warm and the skiing was fast.

Tried to work out in the gym yesterday but only managed 2 miles on the treadmill. I ate an apple before my run…I think I’m developing an allergic reaction to apples. My ears and throat got really itchy.


Workout today. 15 min AMRAP(As Many Reps As Possible)
15 deadlifts 185lbs men/135 lbs women
10 bar facing burpees
5 ring Muscle ups

I did 135 lb deadlifts and modified the bar muscle ups to 5 pushups and 5 dips to a box. I got through 2 rounds and 17 reps


That’s awesome…great time too. I just checked the leaderboard from the challenge page…some maniac has done it in under 8 minutes…which is insanity :wink: I’m happy with my time…but I will do this again in like half a year, just to see if I have made any progress


After 6 days off from working out due to relapsing feeling much better with getting 2 days in a row working out again. Going back right now after my meeting to use the sauna bc I didn’t want to completely reek at the meeting :joy::man_shrugging:t3:
Really sucks how quickly the muscle goes, I left benching 110lb 3 sets 8-10reps each flat, incline and decline dumbbell bench press. Using the dumbbells today incline and flat was incredibly fatigued and only managed 100lbs 3 sets 6-8 reps and was unable to use decline from fatigue. Still was able to do my warm up of 4 sets of 50 push ups to loosen up just couldn’t keep the pace after awhile with the weights.


Whoa under 8 min :flushed:


Good morning folks

Just wanted to say awesome job to everyone on this thread.

No matter what your activity may be…whether you are a hardcore lifter, a runner, doing yoga, walking, playing basketball, engaging in the martial arts, stretching every morning, skiing, doing zumba, cycling, doing exercises at home…any of it, you are doing something to better yourself, your overall physical health, and to aid in your sobriety. YOU are freakin’ GREAT.

Keep it up, everyone!

“The only bad workout is the one that doesn’t happen”


I need a plan like this! When i go to the gym i am so lost


Well, here’s what I’ve been doing lately, maybe it can be a starting point??? I’m usually at the gym from 5/5:30-7 a.m. during the week, and no real set time on Saturdays.

(usually 3-4 exercises per muscle group)
Monday - chest and triceps, followed by some sort of conditioning (kettlebells, spin bike, etc.)
Tuesday - Cario (usually a mile walk with the dog, or a 2 mile run)
Wednesday - Back and biceps. No conditioning because I’ll move plenty at band pratice
Thursday - rest
Friday - Legs and shoulders.
Saturday - Long conditioning session. Wall balls, slam balls, sledgehammer swings, tire flips, etc.
Sunday - rest

If you do the whole Instagram thing, I post all of my workouts, and videos on occasion, mostly form check or proud from hitting PRs. Feel free to take a look, it’s a public profile. Username is ironteej.

Good luck!!!


Solid plan, man. Can I ask when you do core, if you do anything core-specific? A lot of your conditioning exercises are ones that incorporate core (and very well), so that might be it.

Here is my usual routine…I need to be better about dropping in those things you have called “rest”! Right now I take a full week off every 12 weeks or so, but a day off outside of those is rare. Have to get better about rest. All lifting days are finished with 15min of sprints/HIIT.

Sunday: 5 mile run (fasted, first thing in the morning)
Monday: Chest, Biceps, Core
Tuesday: Back, Triceps, Shoulders
Wednesday: 5 mile run (fasted, first thing in the morning)
Thursday: Legs, Core
Friday: Upper body accessory lifts/general
Saturday: 5 mile run (fasted, first thing in the morning)


Core work for me is usually a lot of planks, plank taps, side bends, jackknives, and ab rollers.