Working on working out


Smart training works the “3P’s” in this order:

Properly: Correct form is practiced over and over only as fast as one can go and still execute properly. This builds muscle memory and fluid movement. Movements that once felt unnatural, become natural. Doing this improperly has the same, albeit negative effect: flaws are “burned in” and are now harder to correct.

Precisely: the perfect punch, kick, or throw doesn’t do any good, if it misses the target. Throw a close-fist or kick to a hard part of the body and you will likely injure yourself more than you do your opponent.

Power: New students, especially males, want to power through everything. Without control, all this extra power is wasted, and you only gas out faster. A strike or throw, lock or hold executed properly and with precision is powerful on its own. No need to kick in the turbo boost.


Pretty much all the stuff I do, too! Ever since my back started giving me problems, I have come to seek out core exercises that have minimal movement of the lower back, when possible…stabilizing exercises, rather than movement exercises.

The ones that I do several times per week without fail are planks (prone and side), modified jackknives, hanging knee lifts, and I love the ab roller. It really trained me to keep my back straight and engage just my core. First time I did it, I felt like I had a thousand tiny hernias in my guts the next day (talking about the “good” kind of sore).


Listen to Swole Jesus and TRAIN!!


Yesterday I was finally able to rep my body weight 10 times on bench press again. When the drinking got out control last year, my fitness went out the window and I turned into a doughy mess. I was the definition of skinny fat.


Must Be some youngster :yum:


I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I just did the hardest workout ever. :wink: Ok maybe not but oh my God you know that workout that you’re dreading doing, because you’ve been slacking and you know, YOU KNOW will jump start your routine? That was just me on my deck giving it everything I had.
Like a freaking dead battery come to life.

Thanks for all the continuous check ins and updates, keeps this thread up top and in sight.

Thanks @TMAC btw, just wanted to say thanks for being you.


Good job and great album choice. I bought Tattoo You when it was released…on vinyl.

She’s My Little Rock n Roll was my jam off that album.

Keep getting after it. You can now kick it up a notch, knowing you can do it.


@Gotno I did 19.3 too on Monday… legs are still stiff. And, lol, the wod of Tuesday was heavy lunges huh :sweat_smile:

Today is day 3 at getting back at it for me. Happy about how it goes so far.
Workout was 5 rounds for time of 12 chest to bar + 20 one arm dumbbell hang clean and jerk , 50 pounds. 14:37 felt good.
Then in happy hours I managed to hit a spinning classes, with the triathlon club I’m trying, which was pretty intense as a second workout. Feels good being tired of doing something instead of being dead by the bottle.


Nice work @WCan. Can’t wait to see what the work out will be for the open this week.

My legs are even worse today. Already decided im taking a rest day. My wife wont be home till 7pm tonight so I am tasked with dinner.


Been a great couple of workout weeks. Hitting it hard in the Brojo daily, and averaging 5 classes a week. Fatigued yet able to get after it. Two weeks until my next belt test and physically, I’m ready now.

Next week I will be in Philadelphia for 4 days for sales kickoff and training so I’ll miss almost a weeks worth of classes, and that’s the week before my next belt test. Gonna have to try to workout each morning. Bringing my jump rope and have my darebee app.


At the gym
F**K LEG DAY :sob:


Something heavy it got to be (19.4)


points for the workout and special points for the stones :slight_smile:


That’s awful nice of you to say, thank you! What a nice thing to read first thing this morning :blush: made my day


Ok. You lot have got me thinking now. I got home yesterday and cleared the garage so I could get to the cross trainer! I bought it for the wife about 10 years ago and it became a clothes horse in the bedroom.
Now it looks like it might get some use.
I blame you lot with all your jumpy jumpy, weighty activity!!!:joy::joy::joy:


I joined a gym and signed uo with a personal trainer once a week. I’m registered to do a Tough Mudder in June, so I have a goal to work towards!
I’m breaking out my Weight Watchers book, too. Gonna be fit n trim for the summer. :wink:


I did Tough Mudder a few years ago. AWESOME experience!


Nice! Keep getting after it! Today, do the things others are unwilling to do, and tomorrow you will be able to do the things others cannot do.


Strong is what you get, when you run out of weaknesses.


Your the worst, with your brojo!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Tho I did see a punch bag for sale the other day🤔