Working on working out


Hello everyone , I have recently started working out before work (inspired by @Yoda-Stevie ,thanks man) and I need some advice.

My schedule is tight, I wake up , I excercise , I work , I finish work , go to a meeting , get back and sleep.

I want to take some supplements ,like EAA etc…
as the food and the condition are not the best.

So if you can make some suggestions about what and when I would appreciate it.


I take these daily: Turmeric for aches and pains associated with working out. Krill oil for joint health and Omega 3 fatty acids. A multivitamin formulated for men over 50.

Diet: My base foods are brown rice, tuna or sardines, eggs, avocado fermented vegetables like sour kraut and kimchee, fresh/steamed kale and spinach, beans. I eat this 4 times daily. One meal a week I eat whatever I want. I only eat between noon and 4pm. I drink a whey protein shake at 8pm, after Krav. I recommend Jocko Molk Mint Chocolate Chip, or Chocolate Peanut Butter. Tastes like icecream.

Best not to go insane with the diet right out of the gates. Start by eliminating junk. Then look at replacing things with healthier alternatives. Whole grain vs. Processed. Single ingredient vs. Mishmash. Take potatoes for instance. I eat a couple a week. Baked and I eat the skin too, rather than mashed or french fried.


I really want to feel like this again too! I need to get my heart rate up more often I think. I hate it at first but the results always show.


Have you tried intermittent fasting? I plateaued weight and body fat wise and no matter how much more working out, I stayed the same. So I changed my eating schedule to 18/6. Fast for 18 and eat only from 10am to 4pm. I drink the keto protien shake at like 8pm. After a week, I started losing weight again but it’s all fat. The Mrs. has noticed. I actually have abs again.
Goodbye Dadbod


Awesome :wink:

And this sound like such a great plan. I am going to get my over indulgence of sweets and mindless eating in control and then I’m going to try this out. The 8 o clock shake sounds like a great end to the day.


Quick question, I know you workout fairly early, do you drink or eat anything before this workout? You fast from 8pm-10am regardless of workouts? I’m mostly just curious. I’m trying out the intermittent fasting today.


I don’t have anything before my morning workout except coffee. Unless you are a marathoner running for hours, you have enough glycogen stored in your liver to get you through the workout, and then your body will burn fat to replenish the glycogen, rather than directly replacing from a pre-workout meal.


I wondered people’s experience on this. I don’t eat within an hour or two of exercise (because cramps, is all). I will usually then eat not long after.

My brother exclaimed that’s bad. Per his trainer, working out on empty then eating after can trigger a starvation response in the body. That it’ll overcompensate and store excess calories for the next workout. So he recommended always have a small snack 30 minutes before exercise.

Personally I have no theory beyond not eating more than needed and get some daily exercise. But I’m also not as fit as I’d like and progress slow-going now.


My rule of thumb on this is learning to eat healthy and 5 times a day…and not stressing what ever people say as a fact on nutrition and working out…cause opinions on how you must eat and workout are like assholes…everybody’s got one :wink:


Your brother should go through Marine OCS, and do one of their physical events within an hour or two of eating. It will come back up. Ever shoot scrambled eggs through your nose?

I’ve worked out fasted for 30 years.



I do all my distance running first thing in the morning, empty stomach aside from some black coffee. I’ve found I get the best results that way – in terms of how I feel on my run, as well as the physical appearance results.

I lift fasted usually once per week (Fridays), since that’s just accessory work. I have found that I perform better for my main lifts when I have food in me, so I lift in the late afternoon most of the time…just personal preference based on my experiences and how my own body responds. Leg day fasted is a hard “no”.

@Eke I’m not a physiologist or nutritionist, but I don’ t think training fasted triggers a starvation response. It’s a common practice. What does do that is if one were to go from eating, say, 2,500 calories a day, and then suddenly make a huge drop to sub-1,000 calories, something like that. Your body is going to cling to fat cells for dear life, and store any excess when possible. Another example is if you suddenly drop your carb intake drastically, like 300g per day to less than 100g carb per day, overnight.

The examples above can be avoided by doing gradual decreases, avoiding drastic + fast changes to calories and/or macros. But training fasted and then eating after causing the body to enter starvation mode? I have never heard that before.


I just ate an 800 calorie for lunch…


I was probably in that neighborhood, too, and it was delicious.

Most days for me are around 3,000 calories total. Usually around 100g fat, 200g protein, 250-300g carbs. Those are my maintenance levels.


It takes several days for your body to even realize you are fasting and I am talking total fasting. A hunger response has nothing to do with starvation.

I’ve done a 21 day total fast once. First day fine. Days 2 & 3 rough. Hungry and headaches. Days 4-15 felt great. No hunger or change in energy. Didn’t start to feel weak until the last 5 days or so.

I get 2800 kCals a day. I just get them all in a 6 hour period. I’m never hungry and until I start losing muscle, not starving either.


Nice!!! Im pretty low calorie intake normally. Around 2200.


I average above 3000 in consumption lately…I don’t count how much I eat…weight has been stable for a while…mirror tells me fat is burning…workout tells me muscles are growing…I’m happy with that


I did intermittent fasting for some time towards the beginning of when I was really getting into fitness. Think 2013/2014, about a year after my “5-days-per-week hard drinking” days were over.

Good results. If anything, it helps one more easily control snacking habits and stuff like that…get ahold of one’s eating. It sets a clear, black-and-white regimen. Eat during these hours, no eating in these other hours. Get all your calories in within that window. Simple.
It was good for a time, but not for me long-term. It did help me with what I mentioned, though, and set me up for better eating habits. Personally I work better with a meal every 2-3 hours, which is what I have been doing for several years now.


If it’s working, keep doing it. I got great results with Paleo about 5 years ago. Did it for a year, but realized it wasn’t for me long term. I like my pasta and tater tots too much.


Friday night, step to the bar!!

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Off to the gym with my brother.
Chest day…
let’s try those 110lb dumbbell bench press again.