Working on working out



was doing my routine today
deadlifts sets of 15 reps with 95 kg. first set was all fine and nice
on my fourth rep of the second set I felt something in my back
stopped immediately. Now I’m treating it with cold
hope I didn’t hurt it bad


Glad you stopped! I get wonky lower back issues sometimes. For me it means more stretching and yoga, taking it easy, and trees testing slowly before going up again. Hoping it feels better soon.


I hope I avoided anything bigger
cause I hate taking unscheduled breaks in training


Toivottavasti talttuu kylmÀpakkauksella :+1:


pari ibutabsia otin ja kylmĂ€juttu on toistamiseen pakkasessa
uusi 20 minuutin jÀÀhdytys edessĂ€ kohta
olis kyllĂ€ varmaan pitĂ€nyt tehdĂ€ jo silloin pĂ€ivĂ€llÀ tuntuu ettĂ€ toi meni pahemmaksi illan edetessĂ€ kun en ensin tehnyt sille mitÀÀn
mut joo, toivomus olis ettĂ€ sĂ€ikĂ€hdyksellĂ€ jos selviĂ€isin.


Toivotaan niin. ÄrsyttĂ€viĂ€ tollaset, mutta tekevĂ€lle sattuu


jos toi ei mee pahaks tĂ€ssĂ€ yön aikana niin koitan edes kĂ€vellĂ€ huomenna
tavallaan pitĂ€is pÀÀstĂ€ salille juoksemaan tai pyörĂ€ilemÀÀn, mutta oon jo henkisesti antanut itselleni armoa jos ei onnistu


Kuulostaa jÀrkevÀltÀ. Ei korvakynttilÀ auttais?


sĂ€ voit työntÀÀ sen korvakynttilĂ€n


PitÀisköhÀn? TÀssÀ on vielÀ iltaa jÀljellÀ :+1:


Shit, hope it’s nothing too bad. Back issues suck.


You did and are doing the right thing. Work out regularly and there are going to be injuries. Not “powering through” is wise.

Low back injury is often caused by tight gluts. Once you are healed, make sure to stretch your gluts to avoid injury.

Let's talk about sober sex

Getting ready to start my 12th workout of the week. 6 home workouts in the Brojo, and 6 martial arts classes.

Next week will be spotty, as I will be in Phili Tuesday-Friday. Will only be able to get 2 classes in (Monday and Saturday), and hotel gyms really aren’t set up for my workouts. Skipping rope, running, and my darebee app will have to suffice.

Let's talk about sober sex

Thankful for the darebee app because hotel “fitness centers” kinda suck. This one has “free weights” 1 25lb (?), 2 each 35, 40, 45, a cable machine you need an engineering degree to set up, 3 ellipticals and 3 treadmills. They do have a 25 meter pool, but I don’t have a suit or goggles.


I’ve had similar experiences at both hotels and apartment gyms. The “fitness center” at my old apartment complex was an absolute joke, but they tout it as this fantastic ammenity on their website.

You on the road?


Are they mandatory? :upside_down_face:


Skiied 10k on Sunday.

Biked a couple miles for a warm up on Minday. Then did chest and core circuit. 3 sets of 8 on 6 different exercises.

Did a yoga class yesterday that was super restorative.

Arm & leg day coming later today.



Yes. In Philadelphia through tomorrow.


If I want to keep my job, yes.