Working on working out


I did just strength training. Went for a two mile walk post-stomach bug, so know running but got the heart rate up!


I did a fighter’s workout this morning, and just got gassed at Krav class. We test for belts in two weeks so intensity is way up. Strikes are harder, and when you escape from chokes and holds, you are really getting choked and grabbed.

Now for some chow and ice the hands and shoulders.


Way to power up! I’d pay to see you figh!


JCVD in bloodsport I am not.


I just bet the farm you wouldn’t go down easy…just saying :laughing:


Or go down at all…


Hafta end it quick or I’ll gas out. That’s what I am working on. Conditioning and remembering to breath, even when getting hit.


I have a deep family of boxers in my heritage. I did it for 8 years during middle and high school. John l. Sullivan is my great, great Uncle…and the there was John Reece…and countless amateurs. Lewiston Maine armory has been a boxing hub for probably 100 years. I haven’t done shit since then. But it was great for confidence because it only took one fight first semester in college…I made a point quickly…true story…


You can’t judge a fight by stature. It’s about strength, agility and really not fucking losing. Even friends in the boxing club stopped being friends for 3, 3 minute rounds…cause, you wanted to win! But you hugged, and chilled the next week until ultimately thinking of the next match… .


The thing with Krav that differs from other martial arts is there isn’t any sporting competition aspect of it. The philosophy is to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the shortest period of time, to neutralize the threat. You either win, or you lose. No rules.

Ever thought about picking boxing back up?


I do sometimes…got to get the jump rope out!


Jumping rope is a skill that I have yet to master. 30 seconds and my calves want to explode, and I feel like I have a plastic bag over my head. Hitting the agility ladder with a ground bag on my shoulders is how I work around my jump rope deficiency. Some day.


I think jump roping is the best total body workout. I’m sure I’ll suck at it, but will develop more dexterity and stamina…,


My daughter had a jump rope charity challenge for school. So I go out and get the high-speed pro jump ropes with ball-bearing swivels. Got to where I could go for maybe a minute, before life really started to suck. I need to figure out that skip, where I’m just coming up high enough to clear the rope, instead of the arms coming away from the sides and I look like I’m trying to run the 40m high hurdles.


Ok…so this morning I woke and felt tired and sore. Went for a quick walk, did some warm ups, cals, and then shadow boxed for 30 minutes, followed by a bunch of stretches.

Feel right as rain, ready to get after it.


So now that I have these…do you guys take these daily? the guy who sold these to me said twice a day for both…I’m kinda thinking one a day might be a start? And wow stuff like this is expensive :frowning: But I’ll give it a go…and see how it makes a difference.

I’m one workout short for achieving this weeks goals…this means I’ll be done with my week number four on my five week schedule…fifth week is the resting week…I’ve had some problems this week recovering from hard exercise…while running for example I might have gotten this stabbing feeling in my diaphragm. Which I then ignored and just kept going and it went away. This week how ever it feels like after the hard workouts when I start even walking again it starts to feel like the stabbing pain would come again from just walking…I think this must be due to me working out lately with too little rest. Or working out even too hard and not letting my body recover…I’m not sure what it is…but I can tell you I’m really happy I’m headed to my resting week anyhow. I talked about it with my PT who said that next week is max slow walking for exercise…nothing else…opinions and advice are welcome. :slight_smile:


I take both everyday. My curcumin brand is Irwins Naturals, so I take 3 a day at the same time. I also take magnesium everyday. I have done this routine for over a year now.


im a newbie (1day 12 horurs sober)

I have a lot more free time and insted of looking for a drink this morning I decided to work out

I got in 17 pull ups in about 4 sets which I guess would equal about 4.25 pull ups till I reached 17

after that I did 40 push ups in 2 sets
then about 40 sit ups in 2 sets

im also getting in lots walking on the daily

i love working out. ill be gettin in more today


Working out is, for me, where it’s at. I began my fitness journey a bit before my sobriety journey, but it’s been a great help in keeping me motivated, and accountable.


Today is my day focusing on nurturing my body and getting into shape again. I could defiantly use the support.