Working on working out


I used to hate back day. Now I have now idea why, it’s become probably my favorite day.

Leg day is another story. Been 7 years and I still dislike leg day. Can’t skip it though, its too critical (as is back)


Completely agree!

For me there’s such a fine line between eating enough to lift and feeling too full to really push myself.

I love the no nonsense vibe of the meme lol


Hows the intermittent fasting working for you?


@Lionfish @funnydad - what is thish push up challenge?


We decided to do 20 pushups a day for the month of April. Join us :blush:


I’m really loving it. My brain likes the structure it creates. I mean it’s not exactly that rigid, but I could feel hungry all night and struggle with not eating (knowing I’ve already had my share of calories for the day) vs with fasting, eating isn’t part of my night routine, so there’s really no tug of war. I might slowly add more “eating” hours though. Apparently women do better with 14 hours fasting, 8 hours eating.


2x10 pushups.:+1:


I did 100 today. Can I still play?


So I started doing this hike for pleasure (hence the leisurely pace), and today I tracked it for the first time. I had no idea it was burning that many calories! I guess I can consider this part of my working on working out!


I’m going to do some thinking on how to fuel this 3 times a week. I’m calorie balanced without exercise, and carbs might constitute too much of that. I’m also spending pretty close to my full food budget, so, I’ve got some brainstorming to do for cheap fat/protein to add in. Although, for now I can probably just let the calorie deficit happen, in the short term.


Yes!! :blush: Great job, that is a lot of push-ups!


My first 4 mos was just passive healthy living, e.g., not drinking, eating well (mostly), watching calories, walking, light bike (indoor). I did the intermittent fasting most days but had cheat days every so often. I’ve dropped 35 lbs since day 1 and am about 10 away from my goal as far as weight. I feel good, but not great, and still sleep like shit. So I think I’m ready to go into my next planned phase - Ramping up running, biking, starting beginner yoga. I’m down for any challenges, including the push ups, Lea, Ariel and Chris. Let me know if there are other beginning yoga people. In a few more months I’ll try going into my phase 3, adding weights to it all. I’ve been avoiding this thread while I just dealt with the ‘not drinking’…but now I’m here :slight_smile:


20 pushups done.


I consider myself a beginner yoga person - only really got into it with consistency at the start of the year. I highly recommend YouTube yoga with adrienne - she is awesome! I did 2 of her 30 day things and it was great. Not so much part of my workout routine, but part of my stretching and meditation and mindfulness routines.


Some ideas, if I am not intruding :slight_smile:

Less expensive foods that are good sources of fats, protein, or both:
-natural peanut butter
-Beans (pinto, kidney, black, garbanzo, etc). Also a carb source.
-Greek yogurt (no sugar added)
-lentils (carbs also)
-cottage cheese

Pretty much various legumes and dairy-based protein sources. Generally pretty affordable, especially if you get dried beans/lentils. With the dairy stuff its key to look out for added sugars.


Eggs. Eggs are one of the cheapest, high quality, most absorbable protein sources there is. Big plus is the multitude of ways to prepare them, and things you can add to them. Some of my faves:

Veggie omelet
Brown rice bowl with steam-poached egg and kimchee

Scrambled egg and refried beans
Salmon omelet with cream cheese and capers

Hardboiled on a salad


EGGS! Dangit, the whole time I was writing that out I knew I was forgetting a big one.


Also, but not for everyone: sardines. I love them.

Cheap source of protein and omega-3. Lowest mercury levels of any seafood. I like them in a brown rice bowl with siracha sour kraut. Get the ones skinned and filleted packed in virgin olive oil for an extra dose of healthy fats.

Most of my protien comes from eggs and sardines.


You just made it easy for me, since you nailed all the other ones.


20 push ups done. (4 sets of 5, because it was included in additional workout below)

Along with:

2,000m row
60 ring rows
1,000m air runner
20 box jumps


Thanks Ariel, will check that out!