Working on working out


Leg + endurance day w/ a learning curve.
571 :fire::white_check_mark:


In my very early 20s I dated a natural body builder from Canada for 3 years and in turn I was the strongest I had ever been, but all we ate was grilled chicken breast using the George Foreman grill and boiled broccoli :roll_eyes:

You could probably buy chicken in bulk I’m assuming @Ifs and it would cut the cost down. I’m telling you, upping your protein will make such a difference in your physique. But geez it’s hard to accomplish for me.


Spot on! I didn’t start seeing serious results until I really upped the protein, and calories in general. I was afraid of eating too much in the early days, but once I took the plunge and increased the intake – felt better, better athletic performance, and made much greater progress in terms of adding muscle/dropping fat.


Hmmm… I’m going to start thinking about dietary adjustments. I’ve gotten the junk out, might soon be time to count macros…


At 25 y/o fresh out of the fire academy, I weighed a solid 195 lbs. 18 months ago i weighed a hefty 238 lbs, heaviest I’ve ever been. As of this morning I’m at an old guy 204. First goal is 195 again, than maybe up just a few from healthy living and as I’ve learned here, packing on the protein. Im 52, I’d like to be solid by 53. After that who knows, up, down, its all a mystery…

Push-ups …:heavy_check_mark:


If anyone needs motivation for the gym today

I love CT. Hes raw, not apologetic.


Fresh out of USMC bootcamp I was a lean 145. 14 years later and a lot of working out, my discharge weight was 170. 20 years later I hit 238. I know this, because that’s what the hospital recorded ne at when I was admitted with signs of a heart attack.

Fortunately, it was vertigo, but the scans and tests were a wakeup call. High cholesterol. High BP. Boderline hypertension and “pre-diabetic”.

I futzed around with my diet, and walked a lot, but still drank for another 2 years. Lost 15lbs. Since I quit 487 days ago, and since taking up martial arts, I’ve lost 50 lbs, am 10 lbs away from my discharge weight, and my last physical everything came back good.

I’ll be 53 in a few days.


Happy Birthday…thank you for your service. 238 felt shitty didnt it, similiar situation but a different ailment to wake me up. Im sure you can agree when I say Thank God for the warning… i intend on staying on this trak for the remainder, this post also. Ill let you know when I get to 100 a day. Its gonna be awhile.
And I think some gratitude is in order to @Lionfish for getting it started…:facepunch:t2:



Hahaha love that one! if u laugh while jogging well wow lol x


Just finished a HIIT workout which had burpees- pushups :heavy_check_mark: why, why!! do I stop working out right when I get back into it? Takes me about 5 tries it seems to really get back into a routine. I’ve re started workout routines for the last 18 years of my life. I literally will never give up on myself. Inspired by @Ifs to post an “as is” picture: Me right now, tasting that iron in my mouth, burning in my chest and sweat on my face.

And right back at you @funnydad, this push up challenge has been a great help in my daily routine.


Amen to this, brother.

I look at pictures from that time. Never again. When I’m too old for Krav and Muay Thai, I’m gonna do Tai Chi and swim. Never going back.


Do you find that you do better if you have a defined goal you are working towards? I do. When I was in the service, there was always the semi-annual PFT to train for, as well as preparing for OCS. After, I found I could stay on track if I was training for something. A charity bike ride or swim, a marathon, something like that. Now, it’s my black belt.

I find exercise without a concrete goal to be a bit purposeless, and as a result easier to fall away from.


@TMAC @Yoda-Stevie @Lionfish Thanks! This kind of list is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Seeing it all in one place, I’m realizing I’m actually probably in decent shape with the protein sources, I just need to increase the frequency of it. Vegetables have been my priority recently, with protein an afterthought. That can change. And @Lionfish chicken is a bit of a splurge for me EXCEPT in exactly the scenario you mentioned, you’re spot on. Last month I got frozen chicken breasts in bulk when they were on a rare half price sale, thanks for reminding me it’s a good thing to keep my eyes peeled for!

It’ll be interesting to see what changes I notice with keeping a steady healthy diet over more time. I’m 5’9" and for most of my adult life I stayed around 135 lbs, dropping to around 120 lbs in a bad patch, but in the last couple of years drinking I shot up to nearly 180. I’m back to 150 now.

I’m trying to not set weight goals these days. A definite weakness I’ve noted is my poor cardiovascular performance, so that’s my priority now. Does anyone have ideas for how I can measure this objectively? If I can get a number up or down instead of guess, that might help me clarify my goals here.


Great picture! :slight_smile:


Most definitely!

Fortunately/unfortunately my biggest motivation for staying on routine or pushing myself to get into one, is mental stability. I have found the only thing that truly regulates my mood is exercise. I stop working out and after 5 days I’m in a state of pessimism and melancholy. Could be partially in my head (even more than it is lol) but it’s a pretty easy fix with lots of benefits.

Side note, since I started incorporating stretching into my routine regularly, I still can’t get any height in my high kicks…I just do them throughout a workout, after I’m warmed up… Any advice?


A couple things I learned from ballet, about functional flexibility as opposed to just static flexibility.

  1. When you’re stretching, note not just the feeling of stretch, but try to feel how much force is used to get your muscles and tendons to that position, between however hard you’re pushing or how much bodyweight you’re using to get there. That’s basically the force your muscles are going to be up against to get your kicks to that height. It’s not the flexibility alone, but also the ratio of how much force you generate relative to the flexibility. My oh my did the arabesque teach me a lot about this.
  2. Good form will help your body execute the exercise more efficiently. I don’t know what that looks like in the case of high kicks, though.

Edit: Given the higher speed that kicks happen at, there’s probably some other important factors involved. Being able to deliver that force over a short period of time, for example. This kind of stuff is largely outside of my knowledge base.


Is this challenge going to increase in intensity as we go… i guess so with summer on its way…I can only hope to look as composed as you do in this pic after workouts… but I have my doubts… aaand a lot of them…:thinking:
@Yoda-Stevie, sout kraut and sardines??!!


Sweeet finally back to getting my fat butt back to 4 sets of 20 pull ups. Goals 4x25 by end of month


Chicken n Rice!!! Simple easy and so good for you. Sardines are really good. Learned that sadly from prison but there good lol if you can get past the bones.