Working on working out


I assume beef would be ok too?


63 miles on the bike since Monday. Should add a lot more tomorrow and Sunday.


If you can afford it lol. I’m broke but beef is good. Just not as lean depending on the cut and then it’s also a little more complex for the body to break down but it’s still a great source for protein. Chicken and fish are the ones people go to bc it’s easily broken down by the body and lean with high protein content.


Ok knocked out the 20 push-ups (12 x 2). Have to get out tomorrow for a run. Just bought a new pair of Brooks running shoes. The shoe sales person had a tattoo that reminded me of someone on here. Can’t quite put my finger on it…she was kind enough to let me take a pic.


Ankle weights. The reason why your kicks lack height is you need to straighten the muscles used to kick. The only way to do that is to kick. The only way to do it faster is to increase the load on the muscles. I had the same problem and ankle weights was the fix.


Yes, but it has to be this kind


Have a great run. It’s gonna be a beautiful day!! I’m getting out for a ride with a bunch of buddies at 8.


Thanks Jason, likewise! Have a great ride!


Man that looks good!! You mentioned kimchi too, any particular beand or do you make it yourself? Since this morning im thinking about kimchi and sardines. Tomorrow I’ll be in the canned fish aisle. Today I was lucky enough to find spicy smoked oysters in my pantry today which made a tasty lunch…


Im not a beginner but have had a long pause in my yoga routines. But, we just started a weekly yoga after an aa meeting (i kind of instruct). The “eight limbs” of yoga go well with the 12 steps :blush:
You can start with simple sun salutation 1 serie. And increase the repeats as it starts to go smoother. Youtube is full of yoga instruction videos.


I go to a local asian market for my kimchee. I like the Maag style (cabbage and spring onion).


Would the same hold true for the eight limbs of Muay Thai?


I got my own kimchi fermenting at the moment…first time trying to make it myself…


Awesome Krav class this morning. I’ve got bruises on bruises.


Push-ups :heavy_check_mark: … No bruises.
Crunches too. Also no bruises. :grin:


Push-ups :heavy_check_mark:


Got my 20 in the class warmup. Bruises came after.


Push-ups :white_check_mark: (10 x 2)
30 min run/walk. Lungs on fire, legs not ready for prime time, lots of walk breaks but covered 2 miles. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…


Got in 50 miles with a coffee break in at 48, then the 2 mile ride home. Beautiful out by the end of the ride.


Learned how to make that lol didn’t realize you basically have to get it to rot and ferminent to get it I think hotter or spicer. Either way it tasted really good but it took a little time to make.