Working on working out


Be careful Bill, @Lionfish has upped the challenge… us old guys have to watch out for each other, not @Yoda-Stevie though, he’s kickin ass…:facepunch:t2::grin:
Push-ups :heavy_check_mark:
15, 10, 10 burpies, 10 for good measure. Almost feeling like a fireman again…:weight_lifting_woman:


Does anyone have a cardio playlist they’d like to share? Or favorite stations on Pandora for cardio? I’ve been working on one this week and this is what I have so far…


I have a cardio playlist on spotify…it looks a bit different from yours :wink:


Now I’m feeling self-conscious about my playlist lol :thinking: Maybe I should add that I like something a little more upbeat and fast paced for this kinda thing…?


LOL…I have no idea what those songs are that you have there…mine is hmm…a bit more heavy…a bit more metal… :wink:


something along this kinda songs


:grimacing::grimacing: lol

I don’t wanna feel like this guy while running :joy:


Push-ups done (10x2).

Maybe start with plank 30x2 - making sure to have really good form? So many people keep their butts/hips too high just to get more time - there is no point.

@TMAC - how did your rest week pan out?


Thanks for asking! :hugs:

It was good. The first few days are always unsettling, but then I was fine. I can’t tell yet if it has helped yet or how much. Was getting some aches and pains acting up yesterday. Motion is the medicine!

Went out on my run this morning, and although my legs were a little heavy, felt good to be back at it!

The best parts were easing up on my strictness around diet for the week, and the extra 2hrs free time per day or so that I got.


Ok push-ups started off strong. I was thinking, “wow, this is going great!” as I was on #10, thinking maybe I could get 15 on set 1. Then my 4-year-old girl comes flying in like some sort of all-star wrestler and lands on my back giggling and smashing me to the ground. I played it cool of course, but internally was like “shiiiiit!”

Ok so 2 sets x 10 :white_check_mark:

Also, does anyone know which kind of push-ups are best for…how do I say this…”reducing man-boobs?” Ahem, asking for a friend. :wink:


Push ups lol. But Diamonds push ups when you get there will help along with wide pushups. Diamonds when you can do them will help fill in the inside part of the peck


Thanks! Seems like my fat is melting everywhere except my pec area


Takes time. Be patient. I do my 200-300 push ups a day and I still find areas always that I want better. Working out is great for addicts, I can obsess about something in someway always but it’s in positive way lol


Pushups completed this morning. 4x25.


Burpees…this is the “corrective exercise” my Krav instructor assigns when you screw up, are late, etc.

Imagine that. An exercise assigned to people regularly exposed to pain from getting kicked, punched, thrown, locked, choked, elbowed, and kneed, that is so hated as to be considered punishment.

Yeah, I hate burpees.


Pushups 2x10 :heavy_check_mark:
6+ mile bike ride :heavy_check_mark:
Sober :heavy_check_mark:


Asking for a friend…friggin awesome…:joy::rofl:


:heavy_check_mark: pushups I think I did 30 because I forgot if I did two sets of 10 or not. That sucked my memory is terrible lately.

@TMAC I read an interesting tip for squats, to raise your big toe to get the weight off your knees and on your hips? I don’t know, seemed to help today? Also when in your routine do you do your planks?


I’ll give it a shot!

I do core-specific stuff 2-3x per week, usually just 2, since several non-core exercises incorporate your core to some degree for stabilization etc.

Planks fall on leg day. I do all the core stuff first thing, just to get it out of the way and so my legs aren’t torched.
I usually do supersets of front plank, side plank, and ab wheel. 5 sets, 30s each for planks. 5 sets of 15 for ab wheel. Once those are done, 4-5 sets of 12-15 for hanging leg/knee raises. Then its on to leg stuff.


Last week was rest week. Now heading Back to Gym. New program starts today…only two Days at the Gym per week and three running Sessions. Half Marathon In exactly two months Time. Gotta get some Miles in before that.