Working on working out


Push-ups and stuff :heavy_check_mark:


614 :fire:

Edit: Oops forgot to add: Today we did a little of everything (upper, lower, core) and treadmill for cardio.


Almost vomited during my HIIT at the end of the training…My PT is pushing me…ten minutes 100 deadlifts and 100 pushups…40 seconds action and 20 seconds rest…


You’ve been a machine lately Ashley! Way to go!


Thanks, Mitch :crazy_face: I have nothing else planned for the day until after 3:30 pm. I’ll take care of my To-Do list tomorrow :sleeping:


Push-ups complete.

Ran stairs at work, so:
7 push-ups
run up 7 flights of stairs, then walk down
repeat x5 rounds (save that 5th round of stairs was walking)
TOTAL: 35 push-ups


I just hit my first goal!!!
Umm, I’ve been looking at this thread for a while but it’s huge so I haven’t posted yet. Nothing like a brag though!
My first goal was to reach 75kg by my birthday (just over a week away), next is 80 by the end of the year. I started in January at 71kg. I’m still skinny but I’m so much stronger it feels great.
I’ve had injuries in the past so I started with Pilates through a physiotherapist for the first 8 weeks but I can’t afford that anymore so the gym it is, it was a nice gentle intro though.
I’m counting macros too to make sure I have a significant surplus of calories and protein. Highly recommend MyFitnessPal if anyone’s looking for an app to try.
Beef mince is my go to for cheap meat on tight weeks, I make a huge bolognese or chilli con carne with lots of veggies added so all I have to do is cook some pasta or rice to go with it. Lazy and cheap!
I feel like the eating is the hard part though, working out feels great :wink:


Back to lifting today after my rest week.
Was planning on going back to my usual routine – but on a last-minute whim, I decided to try an actual lifting program. In my 7 yrs of lifting, I have never once done an actual program. After all this time I’ve just been able to put together my own routine, with sporadic changes.

Truth be told, as efficient as it was, I was getting bored with my routine (which takes a long time!), and not making much progress anymore. My old routine that I put together over time was 4 days, 10-12 different exercises of 10-12 reps each session. Do my running on the 3 “off” days.
This program is very different from what I’m used to. Still a 4-day split, because thats what works for me, but fewer exercises, mostly fewer reps. It feels so strange only doing 6-8 exercises each session, some only 3-5 reps. However, this program focuses on going heavier and progression. I plan on including more core work than whats here.
I think in my old routine, I was just putting along with the same weight most weeks, only “pushing it” sometimes. I think having a concrete program in place will make me focus on pushing more weight, and maybe some change! Todays lifts were good. Pushed myself to go heavier.


Pushups :heavy_check_mark:

Plus i did this…
Seated leg press. 165x10x5
Leg extension 115x10x3
Seated leg curl 100x10x3
Bench dips. 10x5
Pectoral Fly. 90x10x5
Back extension. 175x50x2
Crunches/Incline sit up. 10x3


Pushups 2 x 15
2 mile run, less walk breaks slightly faster pace.


Got my push ups.

15 minutes skipping rope, 15 minutes shadow boxing, 10x 2min rounds on the double-end bag. 1 hour Krav Maga class.


Pushups :heavy_check_mark:

  • 40 minutes on the elliptical


Pushups :heavy_check_mark:

Along with:

21-15-9 x
Plate sit up (15lbs)
Burpee jump onto plate
suitcase carry deadlift left (35 lbs kettlebell)
suitcase carry deadlift right (as above)


Pushups :heavy_check_mark:


Dead-hang pyramid pull-ups to 5

Ballistic sit-ups pyramid to 25

Weighted kicks 60 each front, side, double-side, left and right

Kettlebells x20 reps each

Goblet squat
Dead lift
1 arm press
Bent rows
Standing rows


Push-ups (1x16, 1x12):white_check_mark:
Back on outdoor bike later this afternoon


Howdy all…
Plank, push-ups, plank, push-ups, plank, push-ups. 3min, 35… :heavy_check_mark:
Cofee. :heavy_check_mark: Happy sobriety peeps.


I won the easyfit (my gym) games…a challenge that I talked about a little while ago…I was the best at my gym…got a free month and some freebies…Turns out that working out does have it’s benefits :wink:


Wow everyone has been so consistent this month, this is awesome :slight_smile:

40 pushups :heavy_check_mark: forgot to do them yesterday

@Rain666 great job!!! What an accomplishment :sunny: :blush:


I’m back to working out.
I’m retrying for 1000 pushups.
As of Saturday I hit 500 in an hour.
I’m going to shoot past that tonight!!!


Been maintaining here, now with the first easy backpack trip coming up. Trying to not be too soft before we go. Core strength feels so-so.

Last couple weeks at 80 pushups most days (2x 25+15), 120 lunges and 150 crunches. Wanna bump that up, rotate in some free weights.

Dunno how, but strained a hamstring this weekend. Ruh roh.