Working on working out


Isn’t that the actual worst!!


RICE: Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.

Also a lacrosse ball massage.

I’m always straining calves and hamstrings in my martial arts training. This helps.


First time in a long time that I feel like I have 0 idea what I’m doing in a gym – front squats. Never done front squats before in my fitness career, never saw the advantage over proper squats.

It feels SO unnatural. I hope it gets better.


@tmac I am with you. My approach is much less complicated, I just try to ride the bike a crap-load of miles. I rode a total of 134 miles last week. Legs feel like JELL-O (Melon), but it keeps me occupied. I’ve lost about 10 pounds already just riding hard everyday and not pounding beers after work. :smile:


Went for a run tonight (walk/jog).


Same! Endurance sports are the way to go. Running, biking, swimming, or if you wanna start doing this. I run. 60 to 70 miles a week and I always have a goal race to train for. Healthy addict plus having that race give you an extra reason. You don’t need a gym. Add push-ups, sit-up, and body weight stuff to hit the whole body. I am a little bias, but endurance sports!


Warm up then:

750m row
25 power snatches (57.5lbs)
30 bulgarian split squat
500m row
15 power snatches
20 split squats
250m row
10 power snatches
16 split squats

10 push ups
10 box jumps (20")
x3 (so pushups complete)

@TMAC - it will get better! the first times I did front squats I was like WTF?! I couldn’t get the shoulder rotation far enough to get my elbows high. I needed to separate it in my mind front a back squat and change the expectation on myself until I got comfortable with the different type of balance required. With any new movement, or one that I don’t do often, I find it awkward and hate it. But if I keep at it, it gets better, which is cool. It is good to mix things up. My current hatred is overhead squats. I struggle with the balance required. But with anything I hate, I know I just need to keep at it and then in time it gets better.


Push ups done.

Skipping rope, plus weighted kicks, plus speed kicking a sharpshooter bag.


Thanks. I ended up doing them with modified arm position. I can’t do it where you have the bar on your shoulder fronts and then bend your arms back to hook your fingers around the bar. My arms simply don’t bend that way, at least right now. I did the version where you cross your arms around the bar, while the bar is on your front shoulders. Still super uncomfortable, but doable. It doesn’t help that my back is acting up!

I agree though…change is good. I’d been doing the same stuff for a long time, and results stalled big time. Hoping the new plan will help mix it up.


520 :fire:

Today was a little of everything: endurance, strength and power. Hurt my right hip somehow, so I wasn’t able push myself on the treadmill for cardio.


I’d like to invite my good friend @Englishd to join this thread…I understand that he’s beginning his journey into working out… :slight_smile:


I have no comment at this time.


Come on dude…you can do this…one push up at a time :wink:


Once my bike is home from its spring tune up I’ll be back to riding 5x a week


Don’t say no to progress


27 pushups (up from 20) :heavy_check_mark:

Plus this…
Seated leg press 165x10x5
Leg extension 115x10x3
Seated leg curl 100x10x3
Bench dips 10x5
Pectoral Fly 95x10x5
Chest press 80x10x5
Lat pulldown 100x10x3
Shoulder press 25x7x3
Row 70x10x3
Back extension 175x50x2
Crunches 75x10x2

Lets keep rocking April, people! Swimsuit season right around the corner!!! :muscle: Except for people like @funnydad that can take a dip year round!!! :sunglasses:


Push-ups and stuff :heavy_check_mark:


^same ✓…


I couldn’t let @Ac1z3k beat me on calories today…


And I’ve done it too, lost a bet and had to jump in the very cold pool in February. I blame Tom Brady and booze for that stupidity…