Working on working out


Push-ups :white_check_mark: (3 x 10)
Lots of crunches


I was drunk (and fat) at my nephew’s 4th birthday party many years ago and, while attempting a drunken moron cannonball, I broke my brother’s diving board in half. All caught on home video. Class act, I was.


Wow!!! I’m glad I wasn’t there, i might have bailed you out by doing something worse…:woozy_face:


My brother did… he completely obliterated the slip-n-slide just a few minutes later with an epic belly slide. Water recreation was not safe that day!!!


I can’t stop laughing at this, i can imagine what it looked like the next morning…


Again I’m…
Lol. Im impressed by your times though! I’m not the best runner and would be happy with a 10 minute mile any day that’s for sure.


Is that just one workout!! Lol. Are you in CrossFit or…? The idea of doing CrossFit seems fun, I used to do it awhile back but my body says please don’t.


Gotta love those calorie burn numbers!


Some peeps burn 800-1000 cals per session. I’m always amazed. Very motivating to see.


Yea, I do CrossFit - the first part was the main workout. The push-ups and the box jumps I added on to the end. If I am feeling motivated, I will try to practise a skill after the workout - usually box jumps or pull-ups. Plus we are doing this push-up thing in April on this thread, so I alternated box jumps and push ups.

CrossFit has been great for me. I was in terrible shape when I started 16 months ago. I had to adapt every workout significantly, but at my gym they are REALLY good about that. I am on the lazier end of CrossFit. Lots of people go 5x a week. I’m happy if I get there 2-3 times a week. But I have stuck with it and this is the strongest I have ever felt. it’s a long game for me.


Situps :heavy_check_mark:
Plus 40 min elliptical

Edit… oops… i meant pushups, not situps. I hate situps!


100 pushups done, plus

45 deadhang pullups
100 punching sit-ups
20 ea kettlebell squats, deadlifts, 1 arm press, swings, bent row, standing row

20 weighted punch combos jab/jab/cross/hook/uppercut

20 ea weights front kicks, low/hi side kicks, double side kicks.


I also warmed up by walking the first quarter mile. That took me about 4 minutes. I’m usually averaging 8min/mi on longer runs.

Totes Jelly…


So I’m preparing for a half marathon in june. I got 15 addicts a free entry to Helsinki Half Marathon. On top of that they agreed to come and coach us today and give us training advice so that we can get better results from the whole few months training for the event…I gotta leave to this training in a moment. The only thing is that it’s FREAKING COLD outside…but I’m going anyways cause I know that results will not come if I use excuses for not working out when mild discomfort like weather is not what I expect it to be…soooo going for a run today…yay


Just abs for today. Decided on 5 mat exercises beforehand and did 3 sets of 15-30 reps each. Have a lovely workout today folks.:v:


Want solid abs? Try “ballistic situps”. Get a medicine ball in the 8-15 lbs range. Get in the sit-up position and extend your arms. Contract your abs. Drop the ball onto your abs, catch it on the bounce, and then sit up. Twist left and right holding the ball with elbows slightly bent. That’s one rep.

All kinds of isometric and plyometric muscle movement going on there. I do this to condition my abs to take punches and kicks.


Guys, I need a little pep talk. Some of m coworkers are going running this afternoon and asked if I want to join. I am on the fence because I haven’t been running all winter, my running is rubbish, and I usually run solo due to being self-conscious. I’m just being a baby and need some encouragement…


Hey Ariel, it’s been a long time since I ran in a group, but I totally hear ya. Usually there is at least one who will hang with you at your own pace, and personally I feel like I’m always able to squeek out a bit of a longer distance when running with someone. I do like running alone though, as it’s very relaxing and gives me time to either zone out or sort through some thoughts. Also, I can’t listen to music when running with others :slight_smile: I don’t really have too much advice, but may be a nice change of pace for you, as long as you can still run alone sometimes. Also, the others probably aren’t in game day shape either! So I wouldn’t be too self-conscious about the whole deal. It may be fun! Let us know what you decide!


…and I’ll add…on the whole, I find group athletes to be highly supportive. I do go for group bike rides and even the ones who are in much better shape and generally ride much faster will hang with me and offer encouragement.


I think you are in better shape than you think, and your coworkers not as fast as you think.

Just do it.