Working on working out


Thank you for sharing and your inspiration! I’m 18hrs clean so I’m right with ya! Keep fighting the good fight xx


Squeezed in a rare Saturday Krav class, this morning. I usually take a financial planner class on Saturday, but it was canceled today. I have a Krav belt test on Friday, so every additional class I can attend just makes me better prepared.

Plus it’s a great workout.


Good luck on the Krav test, although I’m certain you will kill it!!!


I hope so. Was paired with a Junior Instructor this morning. She made me work for every escape, every counter to an attack. I think she was having a hard time hanging on to me at the end, I was soaked with sweat.
Plus, while I had the edge in strength, she was lightning fast. Was like trying to block the wind with your hands. I had to cover more than block, and look for a chance to throw a big elbow or knee, then latch on to something and toss her away.


You will see a big change once you give your body the raw materials to recover. When you feel like you’re plateauing, take a bit longer rest, and then see how much better you perform with everything rested.


Next week is my rest week…I’m hoping it’ll do the trick…did some biking today and I felt good…tomorrow the last gym of the week and then resting…started taking those two things yesterday…I hope it’ll make a difference


I would recommend walking at a moderate pace, and static stretches on warm muscles. This will help you recover faster, exchanging waste products for aminos fo build muscle fibers, repair micro tears, especially on your shins and other tendons.

It will also help you from experiencing “runner’s heart”. Your heart will start racing for no apparent reason. It’s harmless, but unsettling.


Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Keep getting after it!


This week


I was pretty happy with my week. Missed my normal monday work commute, but was able to make up for it with a couple of rare weekend rides.


I look forward to jumping in on this thread when we move to our new place on the 29th. It has a very modest gym, but pretty much as what I need minus a barbell. I’m a deadlift fan. I have one, maybe I’ll just do that piece at home or donate it to their gym. They will still need plates though. I’m also hoping that by the 29th my energy levels are up a bit. I’ve been falling asleep immediately after work. Newly sober, only 21 days.

Anyway… am I the only one that gains weight when quitting drinking? When I drink, I drink, pass out, drink more. I never seem to remember to eat so I’m a pretty small person. Skinny fat. Anyway. I’ve gained about 3lbs so far. My eating is better as sugar cravings have subsided. I credit that to eating Paleo I guess.

Well anyway, looking forward to adding my gym routine into my new healthy lifestyle :slight_smile:


Ok…had another “mortal combat” level Krav class. Two nights in a row. 90 minutes of moving, striking, defenses, standing and ground escapes. Totally gassed. Now icing everything down. Shoulders, hands, elbows. One more class tomorrow, rest day Thursday, and test Friday. I haven’t pushed this hard in 5 years.


Headed to Krav for one last “level 9 self-destruct” session, before the test on Friday. Taking tomorrow off so as to have two full days of rest. Arms and thighs are black & blue, knuckles and elbows raw. Ice and tumeric are my friends.


You got this. No worry


Suiting up. Stretching. Test in 2 hours.

6 months of classes and training all comes down to this moment. I know I’ve done the work. I feel good.


I plan on logging some miles tonight bc I had a light week so far (50 miles or so). If the weather holds I’m looking to get 30


Will we know the outcome tonight?


Yes. I will know if I passed at the conclusion of the test.


And in turn will let us know I presume