Working on working out


I completely agree, and I’m sure there are others with varying speeds and you could find a running partner easily. Like I could NEVER keep up with @Mtrav0040 :disappointed_relieved: but I think me and @Ac1z3k would have a similar running pace. Talk to some others and see what their average mile is and stick with the one most similar to yours.

Or find out the route and just let everyone know you’ll probably only run to a certain point and turn back and run solo (if that’s an option) if needed.

Getting a runners high and camaraderie in one sound great!


I Just went with Fellow addicts to a Pro running training and it was awesome to run with friends. Go out there and have fun. It’s not a competition.


Thanks all, that’s what i needed to hear. I appreciate it. Ive just told them that i will join! :grimacing:


You’re a Rockstar :muscle:


Go do it, they invited you cuz they like you. Also, you are fresher than they are and will crush them. Have fun. Most group exercises are for fun and usually very supportive. :running_woman::running_shirt_with_sash:


If I can do it, anyone can do it. I did play sports in highschool and managed to stay mostly fit. But I went to college, put on 40 lbs and didn’t run unless I had to weeze my way around the bases in softball. When I picked up running about 6 years ago, I struggled with jogging at a 5mph pace. Now i typically start at 7mph to warm up and will usually finish the last mile at 8.5 or 9mph. (That’s like a 7.5 or 7 minute mile)

I attribute this to treadmill work during the winter and boosting my cardio with cross country skiing. Which I picked up 5 years ago. Anyone can do it, with some commitment of course. Using the treadmill helped me to see my progress from month to month. Then I’ll map routes in the summer and challenge myself to complete it in a certain time.

@aircircle There’s truly something to that runner’s high. I doubt I’ll ever do long distance races but there’s something therapeutic to knocking out 4 or 5 miles. Although, you couldn’t force me to do it with a group. Running is my time and I purposefully avoid interaction because I like to listen to music and get in a zone that’s almost meditative.

Different strokes for different folks. I hope you like it!


Sweet, I’ll have to look this up to get a better visual and try it next time! Thanks!


Just some Push-ups :heavy_check_mark:


Thanks all, I needed the push. We did 3 miles. It is the first time I’ve really run since a 10k race I did last August. I am pretty self-conscious about my running, especially when I haven’t been doing it and with coworkers! (eek!) but it was ok - my general fitness from crossfit and climbing seems to be paying off and the group definitely helped to push me to keep going much more than I would had I been left to my own devices. THANKS ALL !!


Pushups :heavy_check_mark:
HIIT :heavy_check_mark:
Impressed with everyone’s dedication :heavy_check_mark:

@Rain666 you continue you push yourself and help others along the way! I’m genuinely inspired by you.


Don’t forget to stretch out your psoas muscle


Thanks! I looked up a few stretches for that area last night and feeling much better this morning :ok_hand:


That’s great!
I recently learned about the psoas muscle last year and have felt incredibly better since stretching it out. Overall physicality is better as well.


Push-ups, 1 x 15 (regular), 3 x 7 (diamond)


Ran a little after work this morning. Not sure if I’ll do that again :crazy_face::sleeping:


Way to go…it gets better with repetition. I love how it Challenge me


Push-ups, planks, dead lifts…:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::facepunch:t2::no_mouth:



Not yet, but its plugged in and charging…:angry:


:heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: for all those… Back at the gym for the first time in a while :blush: