Working on working out


Why do I have a feeling this challenge is about to get serious…:grimacing: You do know us old guys are counting on you to shape us up…:grin:
Honestly though, good for you, Lea. Enjoy.


OK, so I have no idea where I fit into what this group is up to, but I started doing CrossFit last week. I am trying to eat more and drink enough water but I am sooo unbelievably tired all day afterward with miserable head fog to boot. To be fair, it has been some time since I’ve worked out like this, so I expected some fatigue, and expected to need a couple of weeks for my body to acclimate, but I just finished week two and it’s almost like I go into a depression after I workout, which is the exact opposite of what used to happen. So very bummer.


20 push-ups, anyway you can, or more, everyday for a month, or 'til the end of april…or everyday forever… or 'til the end of april…:grimacing::grin:


Pushups (10 x 3 sets). Sit-ups too…


You know how it is in our states, it’s always summer!! Not a whole lot of days to get a good winter layer lol but some how I managed this year so I gotta pick up the pace :slight_smile: Planks will really help I think :blush:


I started doing some planks now that I only have to do 30 sec at a time!


Yeah I like that whole 30 second plank deal…may start those with ya’ll. Tomorrow!


Took the day off from working out today. Pretty sore from 4 days in a row of pretty intense workouts. Feeling good, though. I did still move around quite a bit and got over 8k steps. Back to the workout grind tomorrow! Great job everyone!


Keep working at it. Find a routine that works for you. Listen to your body and maybe even schedule rest time into your routine. I’m not a crossfit person, but I know @aircircle is. Maybe she could clue you in on what to expect from your bod in early CrossFit.

If you find out it’s not for you, keep trying stuff until you find something that sticks. In my opinion, exercise is crucial for recovery. I’m not very good about mental discipline if I’m not practicing a physical discipline of some sort on a regular basis.


Im here in Az. going on 4 years and I still have my NY winter layer…:angry:… this April seems to be thawing it out though…:+1:t2::+1:t2:


I do like it so far, but my body is protesting in a way that is differwnt than sore muscles and it makes me wonder. Maybe it’s too much intensity off the bat, I dunno.


Hey there! I’ve been doing CrossFit pretty consistently for about 16 months. It is HARD. When I started, my fitness were at their worse in my life. Now I am at my strongest. Here is what works for me:

-Scale the workouts!! I just plain could not do a lot of the movements at the weight for an RX workout. Everything is weird and new. Doing wallballs where the RX for women is 14lbs? I used a 10lb ball for a while. Doing pullups? Try ring rows instead. At my box, the couches are VERY attentive to people that are new, have injuries or just need a break. I STILL scale a lot, though less than before. The most important thing is to not injure yourself and to enjoy it and keep coming back. At my box, they list three versions of the workout with different weights: competitor, RX, and fitness - sometimes the fitness level has a lower number of reps. Do what will push you, but is still doable.

-Be prepared to be sore. I had a level o constant muscle soreness every day, and I was going like 3 days a week. These are hard workouts that move the body in ways that are different to anything I did before. It’s ok. I was doing it for months thinking “when am I going to stop being sore everyday?!”

-Don’t go everyday! The really badass people by me that have been doing it for YEARS go 5 days a week. I go 2-3 and then do other stuff in between. As fitness levels increase, one might go more, but i wouldn’t want to burn out.

-Ask the couch for advice! Sometimes I go to my coach and say “I’m finding this hard or frustrating or I’m unmotivated, can I have a pep talk”. We usually talk about how I am just being hard on myself and that I am making progress and how that will pass, sometimes we chat about nutrition, hydration, etc.

-Don’t compare yourself to others there. Compare your progress to yourself and not others. Some of these people have been doing it for a LONG time. I track all my workouts on their app, so that when the same workout comes around or the same lift I can see how my weight and progress increase and that is rewarding.

-Like any kind of workout, this is about the long game. Results come slowly as the body adapts. My before and after photo with one year apart is meaningful to me. But that was a year. And when I saw it, I thought “let’s see what another year can bring”.

-At the end of it, it isn’t for everyone. People like different things. I like it because I can roll out of bed, turn up and get told what to do in a group. And it pushes me to do things I would not normally choose to do. It requires me to get out of my comfort zone and do things I HATE. But when I am done, I feel satisfied. It’s a very mental process, for me. Other people like different things. Maybe stick with it for a defined amount of time and see if you break through a bit? Maybe talk to the coaches and see if they have any advice? Maybe scale things back to see if you can pull back on the intensity?

Anything I can do to help, let me know. :slight_smile:


Hour and fourtyfive running. 14.5k with under 150 heartrate.


The good thing is that I LOVE it, for all the reasons you describe, I’m just not understanding why it makes me feel depressed afterwards :confused: working out used to wake me up and boost my moods. Im working on figuring it all out and I super appreciate this feedback.


Pushups done. 3x12. Trying to gradually increase…


Today is an off day for me. I’m giving these shoulders a much needed break. But it is still early so maybe I’ll punish them some more later…
10 pm edit: Push-ups and planks. :heavy_check_mark:and :heavy_check_mark:
Felt a little guilty about skipping a day so I fixed it…


How many did you do when you started out! I need a good daily workout regimen😉


Push-ups at 11:55 pm. Just under the wire, so had to do 1 set for the first time, so 1 x 20…


Some of us in this group are doing at least 20 a day, in whatever rep scheme that works for you.


Push-ups - 15x2