Working on working out


I think its great that our little gym is growing!!!


Push-ups and Planks…:heavy_check_mark:and :heavy_check_mark:
And @Lionfish or anybody else doing this, if I may ask, what excercises do you do for you HIIT? Its almost time for me to push a little more.


Getting to it early! I missed yesterday so I need to do twice as many today.

I usually create my own… Pick 5 different exercises and repeat each one 3 times. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest., 15 minutes total. For the exercises you should be able to push yourself hard, get your heart rate up… So I wouldn’t recommend heavy weights (unless you are very comfortable with it, but it would be an easy recipe for injury and just not worth it imo). Also you could start with 10min. Or start with a smaller interval of time 15 sec on 30 sec rest or JUST do one exercise for the whole time. I would start by getting comfortable and slowly working up to harder, faster, longer etc.

High knees
Jump squats or just basic standing squats
Jump lunges or walking weighted lunges
Jump rope
Up down planks
Mountain climbers
Side skaters
Running stairs

I found a woman on IG where I get most of my HIIT ideas from, Natacha Oceane.

And I use this app for the timed intervals : )


Holy shit, Im almost sorry I asked :joy:. Seriously, Im getting motivated to push a little more, im feeling results from what we’ve been doing and think its time or getting close to the time for bigger strides. Its all good info and advice youve given here and I appreciate the injury disclaimer as well​:grimacing:. Thank You Lea, Its much appreciated. I hope all us going smoothly.


I got Hiit for ten minutes at the end of My Gym Sessions. Only two moves at a Time but it’s about 40 seconds of work and 20 rest


I could never have done this when I was still drinking. I’ve never run so far before!! This was trail running, so lots of hills, rocks, sand, etc. I found out the dirt doesn’t taste too bad…:joy:


Oh trust me, this is the kinda workout (for me) where you hate it, couldn’t hate it more and then feel amazing after.

But honestly starting is the hardest part, just set the timer and go!

***Also it was pointed out to me that this might be a little intense, so make sure to start slow!! Even try 5 minutes and see what you can do. I believe in you :wink:


Oh nooooo! I hope you’re ok lol I am notorious for falling on all my hikes… Just part of the fun…maybe :crazy_face: lol


:joy:…that makes one of us…but thank you. I think I’ll need some stretching before I take this on…but I’ll get there. Totally motivated. Enjoy your day, Lady.


Had Krav class yesterday. Was orientation for new student whitebelts, so light work. Got home, did my 20 pushups, and then went 10x3min rounds on the heavy bag. This morning, skipped rope for 15minutes, 20 pushups, and went 5x3min rounds each on maize bag, slip rope, and sharpshooter bag.


Nothing like a fresh new pair of running shoes. Feels so good on the feet and joints. Took these bad boys for their innaugural jaunt this morning, been using Saucony for years. Super lightweight but great support, if you’re looking for a new brand of shoe.
These are their “guide” model, made for flat-footed barbarians like myself. An excellent shoe, and if I am not mistaken, Saucony is a local company here in Boston.


Went to the gym:

Abs on decline bench w/ a medicine ball ( 3 sets of 18). I can’t remember how much the med. ball weighed- I think 18 lbs.

Legs: Chose 5 machines and did 3 sets of 12-15 depending on the machine.

OT tomorrow.


My very first pair of real running shoes were Sacouny Jazz. Got a pair to prep for bootcamp as my leather converse hightops weren’t cutting it. Loved those shoes. Felt like wearing pillows on my feet.


There’s one in every crowd. Back in the early 2000’s I really got into trail hiking out on the Appalachian Trail. Had quite a few hiking buddies, one of which fell at least once, every hike. It’s a hikers tradition to bestow a trail-name on others in your group. We christened him “Faceplant”.


It took me far too long in life to realize that quality footwear is one of those things worth spending on. Love my sauconys.

When I got back into playing soccer in 2014, my first cleats were junk $30 cleats. Think they were Fila, who aren’t known for cleats. I had to ice my feet twice a day for a week after my first game in them. Made the switch to the egregiously priced (but FAR better quality) nike cleats soon after. Thats when I learned.

I can’t even imagine running in Converse/Chucks. Cool shoes, but I find it amazing that they were originally created to be a basketball/athletic shoe. No support in them.


Chucks were made in a time where only kids a d professionals played sports. Everyone else worked. When I was a kids, grownups wore leather shoes, had them for years, and would have them reheeled and resoled when needed. I remember an actual cobbler shop.


Haha I’ll have to think of a cool hiking name for my clumsiness. Stumble foot… Although that’s the name of a brewery so maybe not that lol


What shoes do you wear for lifting? I do crossfit in my running shoes, but the heel is too high for lifting effectively, as they tip me forward and throws off balance. If we are just lifting, then I will do it without shoes, but if it’s a combo workout that requires shoes and speed of transitions, I keep them on. Trying to figure out a good zero drop shoe that will work for lifting AND other things. I hear chucks are good for lifting, but not for the other stuff.


Pushups :heavy_check_mark: yesterday’s pushups :heavy_check_mark:

Planks?? Not sure yet


I like these Asics (Gel fit) for lifting and warming up with cardio… They have just enough ankle support, where as all the lower cut Nikes make me feel like I’m going to roll my ankle with every step.

*Picture would be helpful