Working on working out


Pushups :heavy_check_mark:

Let me caveat that by saying they were “guilt pushups”… just ate a large hot fudge sundae. Hey, it’s Sunday… isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

Hitting the elliptical tomorrow morning to kick off the week on a strong note.


@Yoda-Stevie Wow!!! I asked someone if there were any good cobblers around. They proceeded to tell me where to get pie :smile:. I have not seen the word cobbler used in forever.


We have the best shoe repair here in Lakewood WA. It’s called Ardesson’s. No matter what horse gear I bring, it’s fixed perfectly and beautifully. They also resoled the Fabiano mountain boots I’ve had since hiking the Appalachian trail in college! But, yeah, cobbler is a dessert!:wink:


Push ups done (2 x 10). I may need to take a 1 day break on those soon to recover.


Lagged on the workout today, barely hit my minimums for today but I’m gonna be gentle on my new tattoo on my chest. At least for the first 2-3 days I’ll keep it simple till I’m ready to get back at it. It’s hard to limit myself physically when I’m not hurt or withdrawing from drugs. Never been skilled in patience lol. Pictures to come soon of the tattoo when it heals.


If you live near a military base, you might still find one. Servicemen will have their shoes repaired.


I just wear my running shoes, since I start off all my lifting with a 3-minute jog and then end with 15mins of HIIT.

Have been thinking about looking into proper lifting shoes lately, though! Have always just lifted in my runners.


10 minutes of shadow boxing and 30 on the heavy bag. Now to get my pushups knocked out, stretch, and crush this Monday.


Happy Monday!
Pushups :heavy_check_mark:
Plus 45 min elliptical.
Have a great week!


596 :fire:
Today was a power day and we covered head to toe.


31 min as many rounds as poss:
5 burpee jumping pull up
11 bench press 65lbs
12 box step up and over with 15lb dumbbells
164 jump ropes singles
5 rounds + 5

Then 10x box jump 20". 10x push up, 2 rounds.
push up complete


Three Times 2km with a 2 minute break in between



I’ve had to rethink my footwear since putting in a proper floor in the Brojo. Textured rubber hard on bare feet, and runners can’t stand up to all the pivoting and have a bit too much grip too. I got a pair of proper boxing shoes, which work great…for my boxing days. Kickboxing is another matter. Wear thai footwraps on these days. Also found the perfect shoes for strength training: $10.00 memory foam shoes from walmart.


Today I kicked my own ass, 6 mile roundtrip desert bike ride, vertical hike of unknown altitude (seemed really high) than home. 10 minute stretch, 3×12 push-ups intermittent with 90 second planks. Stretch. Feel pretty good.

Red dot is bicycle


Ohhhh… well that makes sense! The Woodbrook Hunt I ride with crosses Joint Base Lewis McChord the biggest base in the US (?) I thought they just fixed bootz for us riders! No wonder so inexpensive. Lots of boots on the ground here! The only other base town in the US I’ve lived in for long was Fayetteville NC. Didn’t see the shoe repair there, but the retail strip was 'way crowded.


I wear my rock climbing shoes for lifting; have since I was a professional b/b’er (but I actually climbed a lot then, too; the foot muscles build) :smile: I follow Katy Bowman from Sequim WA for shoe and biomechanics ideas.


Sorry, general response, not personal response. I favor zero drop minimalist shoes, but they need to be trained up to, and for some are just inappropriate. Go to a really good shoe fitter, who can analyze your movement, build, intention, and strike force/foot roll. Man! You should see how every horse here has a different farrier! Crazy!


Confessing to a day off for push-ups today. @funnydad inspiring workout, inspiring scenery! Back at it tomorrow.


Im afraid if I take a day off, it’ll turn into many. Enjoy your rest Tom…:sleeping_bed: