Working on working out



Workout -
3 rounds for time
400m run
21 kettle bell swings (over head) 35lbs
12 pullup - assisted with bands
Time: 14:45 (1:32 less than same workout in july)

Post workout
600m run
2x10 push ups, 10 box jumps 20"

Pushups complete. And satisfaction of PR on this workout. :muscle:


I’m planning to return to the gym today for the first time in awhile. I’m hopeful that it will help me by focusing on something positive.


This morning:
5min skipping rope.
50 pushups
Pyramid deadhang wide-grip pullups to 5
Pyramid situps to 25
2x20 kettlebell goblet squat, deadlift, 1-arm press, swings, bent row, standing row

Krav tonight


I’ve been back on the workout bandwagon lately, I’m doing an 80 day workout plan and was kind of dabbling before but I decided to go back and start from day 1 and do it as it’s designed. I’m down ten pounds already, and would like to lose 20 more. But I’m also focusing on non scale victories, like the fact that I don’t have a muffin top in my favorite size 6s anymore.

Today however, I’d like to eat gluten free Kringle from the bakery I accidentally discovered down the street from my office. But I’m sticking to my meal plan and it’ll be worth it.


I think that’s the best way to go about it! So happy to see you here :slight_smile:


I’m focusing on getting stronger, improving endurance/pace, losing inches and pounds. Only 10 more to go before I reach my weight loss goal :star_struck: Do you gals @MissJ @Lionfish @aircircle keep or post progress pics anywhere- app wise? I feel like I’m showing off or calling for the wrong kind of attention when posting on IG, where I primarily post pics.


I don’t post pics because it’s an accessory behavior for my addiction, but I definitely take progress pics for myself. I’m in a bunch of fb groups where people share pics, and I totally see the appeal, I just can’t get down like that.


A while ago i posted a progress pic but then deleted it due to my own insecurities. It was dec 17 - dec 18. Maybe I’ll do another for mid year. Idk. I’m trying to change my mindset about my desire to change my appearance/body. I get into a bit off a mind f*** about these things 🤦


Progress pictures are SO beneficial. I usually just keep them in a folder on my phone and scroll over the years to see how far I’ve come.

If you’re comfortable posting on IG you should do it : )


Also, myfitnesspal has a forum where progress pictures are most welcome if you want to put them somewhere. I also put mine to my xfit community fb page. Also, i will airways cheer you on and encourage you of that’s helpful!!


Yea these pics would be for my eyes only. Would be nice if I could post weight, measurements, PR’s for that week, etc. in an app. along with a pic. I forgot about MyFitnessPal


Oops I meant to say that to you… I forgot about MyFitnessPal. I hardly use it anymore. I’ll look into it. Thanks!!


Blinking eyes 2x100 :heavy_check_mark:

Wow… I can only do 2 push-ups max :joy:

Abs :heavy_check_mark:
35 flight of floors :heavy_check_mark:
Lunch time power walk :heavy_check_mark:


Push-ups :heavy_check_mark:
Eye blinks :heavy_check_mark: :joy::rofl:


Hmmm. Yeah, 2nd week doing front squats, and still don’t feel good about them at all. Going to give them one more shot next week, but it’s just not something that feels right to my body so far. I might have to swallow my pride and just go with an empty bar until I get the form right (I’m already going light as is).

I’ve done traditional squats for years and been fine. No harm in just doing those instead if it turns out front squats aren’t for me :slight_smile:


618 :fire:

Today we focused on upper body strength and higher inclines on the treadmill: incline went from 4 to 8 toward the end with a push speed of 5-6 (for me) and a speed of 7-8 for our 30 second “all-outs”. Oy. Hope this makes sense :crazy_face:


Oh shit, who came up with the eye blinks? @keiti? Laughed so hard at that.

Pushups :white_check_mark:(2 x 15)
11.5 mile bike ride up and down lakeshore drive.
Tried a 30 second plank. Note the words tried and “a.” Maybe tomorrow a whole 30 seconds :slightly_smiling_face:


:heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:40 pushups from yesterday and today, plus other exercises… Lots of frenzied energy in me today, good bad and everything in between


I made it to the gym today for the first time in what seems like forever… did more than I expected and can’t WAIT to head back tomorrow. Building a positive routine to help myself stay focused and hell if I build a stronger body that’s even better :kissing_heart:


Got my 50 pushups. Did 10x5 reps, with 100 rope skips in between. 15 minutes of Muay Thai shadow boxing (punches, elbows, knees, kicks), followed by 60 reps each left/right weighted kicks: front, side, double side, round, hook, long knee, short knee, and back kicks. Hips and glutes are fried.