Working on working out


Of course.


About to get at it!


Test began at 7:30. Ended at 10:30. Three straight hours of Krav.

Passed the test.


I didn’t want to jinx you earlier but I’m pretty sure we all knew you would.


Thanks. I left everything on the mat. Was paired with a partner two belts higher than me. Had to work for everything. Feels good. Now shower and some food and then slee.




Excellent watch…it all starts in the mind…it can lead us anywhere…good path or bad path! Our choice friends :slight_smile:


I follow the path of Lift, Run, Shoot.
It’s a healthy plan that was put together by someone I respect tremendously. Low carbs, higher than normal protein. I focus on building muscle not just loosing pounds. I use this plan to help in sobriety, and sobriety helps me achieve this.
Keep Hammering!!


I like yoga, but Today`s enough of yoga! :smiley:


I got up and went for a nice ride with a good group of old/current amateur racers. I havent done the ride the past few years because ive always had a massive hangover. Felt fast, and it was a beautiful morning.


You are inspiring me to train harder


Im still looking at bikes on the internets for you. Youre gonna be fast!


Finally posting a workout-like I said I would :joy: must follow through with everything I say. Another bad habit that’s easier to break with being sober. Following through.

Anyways, I usually workout at a gym because it’s literally the only time I’m really around other people/adults consistently. I work from home and I’m very much a introvert. So the gym is a perfect way for me to be out of the house but still in my bubble by wearing headphones. Today I worked out at home.


Had Krav class tonight. We are working on our “bob and weave”, slipping punches, and combinations for counters. I’m more a stand-up fighter who blocks so this is outside of my comfort zone. Got some drills to work from my instructor, and here’s what I rigged up in the House of Pain.


How does that work? you hit the ball and duck when it comes back?


Kinda. This is actually set up for 2 drills. The ball swings towards and away. You move only your head and rotate your shoulders to avoid the ball hitting you.

The second drill is you start with the pink rope along your cheek. You move forward with your feet, and your head shoulders move in a U shape to slip under the rope, to come up on the other side. Each time you come up, you throw a punch combo.

I’ll be working these several times today and over the weekend.


Did some circuit training this morning.

Agility cone drill for shuffle left and right, forward and back

Lap around the cul du sac.

Agility ladder drill

One exercise from the darebee combat strength routine

One pull-up

Repeat until all exercises on darebee routine completed x 3.

Gonna try to do this one day a week. Sort of a super burn to build fighting endurance.


Tabata class today…started with burpees ouch!! After that I spent about an hour and a half palm tree trimming and hauling, plant trimming and push mowed a half acre of lawn in the Florida h and h.

Going to do a relaxing 1/2 hour of yin yoga now to stretch out.


I hate burpees! Good for you in grinding them out. I’m hoping to get back to my work outs this week. Been out with a sore ankle.


Burpees were invented by Satan. I am sure of this.