Working toward sobriety or a stable life

I’ve done it again.
I’ve started attending AA meetings every Saturday just to get a feel for how others who struggle to reach sobriety go about it. I’ve only been to 2 meetings so far but they have both been very powerful to me. Hearing others viewpoints on the topic of sobriety and sharing experiences together really hits me hard. I’ve started going because I’ve noticed that my day to day life has become a symphony of chaos, depression, and destruction. I’m an alcoholic and a cocaine addict and this year has been very hard for me as I feel I’ve lost touch with reality. I’m slowly making a comeback but I still relapse once in a while. Usually after about 3 weeks. I just wanted to put this out into the public.


Glad you could find the meetings again and that they were useful for you Nick. Welcome to the TS community.

Curious… Did you mean working towards sobriety AND a stable life? Or was the title intentional about it being one or the other?

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I’m glad meetings are helping you. They made me feel less alone for sure. Maybe you could think about doing the steps? If your life is ‘chaos, depression and destruction’ then they are worth at least giving a try? I was doubtful at first, but they really helped me.

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Oh yeah both are preferable lol

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I’m glad you’re here. The meetings are something I’ve always been afraid of for some reason but I always feel at home and amongst friends

Confessing helps shed the guilt and shame.

Relapses are part of addiction, and when simplified, they are poor decisions. Everyone makes them.

It is now up to you to decide how to not make that same poor judgement that caused this relapse. At the end of the day, these are learning experiences and that’s how we achieve sobriety.

Do you go in person or online? I think I need help with alcohol but don’t know where to start. Not sure how I can fit them in my schedule either.

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I’m just glad you’re here. We find what works and we work it. Simple as it I see it and I witness others doing it every day!

Sure, relapses can and do happen but it doesn’t have to happen again. Focusing on today, about this day is all we have to manage and it is much more manageable that way, I feel.

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