Wow powerful baffling and very cunning

Last night was no good

Everyone seemed to find the covid19 as a excuse to get over the top drunk, let alone the fact it was st patricks day

I didnt drink or smoke any weed but this morning it crossed my mind very quickly.
The thought was easily let go but i thought id talk about it before it starts to add up

my sobriety streak is only 4 days old so i guess it was a good idea to reach out.

I drank some creatine thismorning then had a cigg and i got dizzy everytime i dragged that nasty stinky stick. I hope im not ganna like, die from some odd head thing. If i drag the cigg and hold in the smoke ill get dizzy everytime. I should prob put the stinky sticks down for a while. I dont want to hurt my heart either. I have a physical next month and i need labs done before my physical. Im not afraid of a std but im kinda freaking out about a brain or heart issue. I was a heavy smoker for a long time. What the eff man, i wish i never picked up that nasty habbit.

Hmm i started rambaling about the guys getting wasted lastnight and ended with a different concern… Success, sobriety taking a roll

I wish i took care of my body more, esspecaly when i was a kid

Lastley about drinking
I dont care how drunk any alcoholic is or my alcoholic self. I could be blackout throwing up drunk. the cunning drink will always dasieve us into having yet another. Wether we ar 4 days or 365 days, i myself say the drink wants us dead

P.s. Im not drinking creatien anymore

Thanks for reading my messy rant


There’s a phenomenon that happens when we use willpower and resolve that tires us. The next day we can be susceptible to even smaller temptations. It feels strange to be so easily disturbed after having resisted a bigger temptation. It’s a form of tiredness. Give yourself a break for having those feelings and rest up. Don’t worry, you will probably be ready to tackle the cigarettes at some point soon. Most people wouldn’t recommend giving up too many things at once.


I always found it too hard to tackle more than one thing at a time, but that’s just me. I like gaining mastery over one thing and then proceeding to the next once I was confident.

It took me a long time to quit smoking, but I smoked for a long time…more than 30 years…changed my life 100% when I quit. That was 11 years ago. It can be done.


There will soon be a vaccine for alcoholism and addiction of all kinds.
A friend told me Trump said he’s got a good one.


What @LeilaBird said is so true! It’s like when a loved one needs emotional support, then in the next few days we are increasingly emotional ourselves. Totally normal.

I always tell on my cravings. It helps take the power away from them. I’m glad you came here and exposed these thoughts to the light of day.


Hahaha thats funny stuff

That was a accedent thred. I didnt see those responces comming

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Ok i can dig that

Ive been smoking for 16 years. Ive noticed ciggs for me i have to mentaly prepare for to quit. I guess i have to really think about that commitment as for every nasty addiction.

How much time do you think i need??

I understand i think

Maybe i should focuse on cutting down?

When my dad quit he cut down by smoking in certen places first

Now he quit ciggs and hates them with a passion

I have the hating them down but the head game still exists. Its mentaly streighning for me

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Thank you for your wise words.

Ive been wanting to start a journal but my broke beinde needs a notebook (and a job)

the journal would help in soo many ways

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Haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa :joy::joy::joy::joy::hugs::+1::v::rainbow:


i picked up a notebook and 5 gel pens

finally i can write down my thoughts on paper

itll keep me busy and hopefully take some stress away

5 days sober
i want dubble didgets like crazy
easy does it though

i noticed theres moments that time just seems to move so slow and other times fast.
when the time is slow its a bit harder to keep in the moment
i guess thats just normal life stuff and my addict mind makes it complicated


Stay busy. You can do this :blush:

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thank you

welcome by the way

ive been practising graphiety
a bit of excersizing

today me and my roommates cleaned the apartment from top to bottom

and washing my hands a lot !

i picked up some supplies and it looks like im home for quite a while


I plan to do some art too, to keep myself busy :blush: