Writing thread (poetry/prose)

I noticed there wasn’t an active creative writing & poetry thread, so I started one. Writing is a great distraction from drinking, after all. Share your poetry or writing pieces here. I’ll kick it off with one of mine:

Sussex Downs: an Evocation

The sunflowers had grown long by the railway tracks

and the cabbages in the fields afar, fat and ripe,

And as we walked through the warming Spring air;

it carried with it the nursery freshness of youth,

And all of Britannia was alive with golden glow.

And that faint sweetness lingered, long after the

sun drooped low over the horizon,

and long after we had settled in our hotel,

amidst the clattering of cutlery and cups,

and the chattering of travelers.

It was then you had to leave by train,

to go to London, so I saw you off

and stayed on the platform, watching

you vanish in steam and smoke,

and bought a pastry in the waiting room,

then lit off, into the waning orange light.


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