Yay! 20 days so far

Today is day 20!!! I’ve got past that 14days that i struggled so hard to pass before. I have gotten so much done around the house that I’ve put off. Redecorating and finally cleaning up outside. I’ve been painting more and man it just feels so good. I’ve turned invites down and have just been honest. I’m not ready to be around all the drinking. Im not there yet and I’m not sure when I will be and that’s ok. I’ve even had to turn down dinner with my mom and sister cause seeing that one glass of wine be poured might do me in. I dont think it would but it might and I’m not gonna go there. I’m still taking everything day by day. Finding new ways to deal with my emotions instead of drowning them. I’ve been meditating and singing again. I’m trying to be as positive as I can with my sobriety. I know I will have bad days and good days but I need to remember that it’s normal and ok. I also got baptized last weekend. I’m not very religious but I’m very spiritual. My relationship with God has always been important to me and I lost that for a long time. It feels good.

Anyways just wanted to share. Hope it helps someone else.

Here’s what i painted yesterday


Great job! I understand not being ready to be around alcohol yet. I think you are doing a great job really self evaluating there and staying away until you are ready. Keep up the good work and the days will keep coming!

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Great job on your 20 days and taking care of yourself!!! :heart::heart:


YAY!!! Great job!!! Keep going!!!


Good going, Erica!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well done on 20 days! I love how you’re guarding your sobriety. Only you will know when you’re ready to be around others drinking. Nice painting.


Great job keep on doing what you doing is working for you take care.