Yesterday I made it till 1:00 pm

I tried. Same old thing. I promise things to myself. Feel in control then around 12 or 1:00 I start drinking. Im frustrated & disappointed. This was a silent goal to myself. I have gotten reluctant to voice any goals. Always find myself back in the same situation. Don’t want to make others aware of my short comings. Is that crazy? I dumped my vodka down the drain yesterday. Today we will see.

We will see SLB. You have to stop trying and make it happen. I know that’s easier said than done. And yes, it’s hard to share our weaknesses with others. That’s actually easier to do here on TS. One of the reasons we’re all here. Good you’re here friend. Keep writing. Work your sobriety. Hard work it is but so worth it is for us addicts. Let’s do this. You still got booze in your possession? That’s a recipe for failure friend. If so dump it.