Yesterday was rough

I started my IOP Friday and today is my 7th day with no alcohol. Yesterday I couldn’t sit in the house all day, but didn’t know what to do with myself. I was fighting (white knuckling) most of the day. I decided to just get up and drive. I ended up at the river and walked the trail by myself. Both my girls worked, which when I was drinking would have ran me straight to the liquor store.

I ended up spending money I really didn’t have to spend and bought a bracelet at this cute little shop I found. I just walked until I wore myself out. I went to the grocery store, bought something different to cook for dinner.

I successfully made it through the day with no drinking, had an amazing dinner and slept great. It’s interesting to realize that I don’t have anyone I would actually like to hang out with, but I also knew I needed to be alone, which could be dangerous at times.

At my IOP on Friday they asked everyone, “what’s your plans for the weekend and how will you work your recovery”. I didn’t have an answer, but now I see how important it is to have a plan, because yesterday could have been a big fail.


Great job being sober!!! It is very important to have a plan to keep sober and stick to it. I find keeping busy is very important.

In regards to the bracelet I think you’ll find that now that you quit drinking you will have more money. God knows I do because I spent stupid amounts on beer.

Keep up the great work. Try AA if you have not already. I like to volunteer helping others is a good feeling.

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Great job! That is how a person fights to stay sober! It gets easier…

Well done! And what a perfect bracelet to mark a day overcome!


I love reading all these stories. Thank you for sharing. I love your bracelet😍

Having a plan is so important! I have to have one for just about any possible circumstance. Going for walks, calling a sober friend, hitting a meeting, having an exit strategy at social functions, always having a non-alcoholic drink in my hand, keeping a letter to myself in my purse… those are just a handful of mine. I foresee that wearing your beautiful bracelet will ground you when you are faced with a really challenging time. Well done on staying sober during a tough day!

Congrats on staying strong! And the important thing is that although you were alone and struggling a bit, YOU MADE IT! It really is one day at a time. Today I’m at day 17…its hard but I don’t ever want to be that me I was 18 days ago!
Best of luck to you :grin: