Yesturday was a sht day

I fkd up yesturday
I romanticized
I didnt pick up my phone
I didnt ask 4 supporte

Im shameful of my actions
I relapsed at 2 full weeks
I let myself down

Today is day 0

I will get this sobriety

Ill be reading

I regret yesterday

The only thing thats a lesser evil is i stopped at 1 beer but nothing changed
My manic ass gave everyone anxiety

Lets try this again

My opolagies to everyone
Today will be good
Today i will be substance free

Talk is cheap i know
Lets try again


Being positive about it and trying again is the first step. Do you have anyone that can support you? For me my boyfriend will not allow me to drink even when I throw a fit lol and that’s helped. He has to deal with my pouting for a little bit but afterwards I’m glad I didn’t drink.

Where did you get the beer from?

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Where did i get beer from is a good question

A very kind girl came over to say hello. (not romantic)

We went to the liquor store and i asked.

Avoid sticky places

Ive been involved wayy too long not to know better

Yeah, I guess I don’t have to tell you that the liquor store is probably not a good place to go :sweat_smile:


Liquor stores…damn things are everywhere. They are so close to my house it’s basically like always having booze in the house during business hours.

What do you mean, you romanticized? I might do something similar, if you mean you think only about how you “can handle one, it’ll be fun, no harm done” …in order to defeat that lie, I have to stop everything and basically yell at myself. And visualize my list of stupid things I am guaranteed to do and feel with alcohol.

Way to go though, on 2 weeks. You’ll get there again!


thats exactly what i mean by romantacizing alcohol

Dont give up the good days ahead


You did so good on getting back on here and just getting it off your chest. We are humans, now keep moving forward. We’re here with you.



Yes liquor stores are deff not good for people like us

And on the contrary
I deff did need to hear that over and over again

Thank you

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Thank you so so much

Ill deffinitly read more
And i look forward to hearing from you more


Keep coming back, I’ll do the same!

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Thank you

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It took me 7 months to be able to drive past liquor stores…I had to work out a very convoluted way through side streets and roads.

The days ahead are worth working for now.


Ahh man

I wish you the best days ahead

I totally regret yesturday
I guess im less exparienced then i thought

Thank you for the message

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I have found that if I channel my regret into learning, it is not wasted energy or time. My relapses are many. But they are lessons.

This is a hard but 100 percent worthwhile choice you’ve made so way to go. Its gonna be tough! But you’re worth it.

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My AA home group is located about 100 feet from the liquor store I used to frequent. Excellent test/reminder of my priorities

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Thats such a great reminder and a good boost of self esteem.

I also agree on the lessons learned. Yesturdays regret was stupid but today i was sober. Day 0 until 12pm to day 1 ugh i hate day 1

Same with my aa home group
Im trying so hard for a 1 month coin
The longest i went was 38 days. I love those folks

Hounest to god, if they didnt get me started 11 years ago, i dont know where id be or what would have happened. I started with them when i was 19. I shamly remember going drunk like i didnt think theyd know. Im pretty sure my eyes said it all. It doesnt matter how far we have bulked, what matters is we are here at aa is what i was told.

Unfortunatly ive seen fellows pass
Stick with the winners
…say a prayer for the winners