You are missed


Yaaaasssss im glad i came back to see this!


So, what have you been up to? Just cruzing around in your caddy andnposingnas super heros around it with your daughter?


Haha pretty much. Jist tryin to grow my sewing business to the point i can just stay home and sew all day and not go into the warehouse.


Mannn i feel like all pediatricians say that unless ur kids a chubby chunker. They never acted concerned but always said “under wieght” she looked normal to me… just a picky ass eater! Lol


They tried to fear monger me into feeding my baby formula instead of allowing me to consult La Leche League because it is “easier and gets results faster and every day your baby isnt gaining weight can becausing brain damage”. I don’t know why I just can’t conform and do everything the easy way for other people, like doctors or judges… I finally got a new plan from LLL that seems to be working. I decided if the pediatrician ans WIC are going to gift wrap everything they want to happen with fear, the same as obstetricians seem to do, then maybe I can do without them too. Or at least shop for a new one who supports exclusive breastfeeding. I really miss my pediatrician in NC. He would die before he created an anxious parent because they shut down and stop providing insightful information. His special gift was parental calming and fairly hands off care. I took my kids to him a lot where the plan was to let whatever be exposed to air or that my concern is not troubling but to always feel free to have my babies checked out. I never felt like he didn’t want to work with the choices I felt solid on. If I said no formula then he would have had a closet full of breastfeeding tricks or referals to someone who does.


La Leche does great work. I am glad you were able to connect with them. Babies and mom’s sometimes need extra encouragement or tips and tricks to get the hang of breast feeding. I am sure you were anxious enough without some doctor making you feel worse. LOL was my bible back when I breastfed (exclusively). I hope you both are doing okay.


I’m fairly doctor averse to begin with and this is serving as confirmation bias for me lol


I am not anti doctor. I have just been spoiled. Chapel Hill is so crunchy. I never had to look hard to find medical support for my parenting perspective. I just dont understand why most doctors feel they can resort to fear tactics to push what they think the correct path is. In Chapel Hill it was made clear to me that there are a lot of ways to get where we want to be and it is best when the drs work with what the patients are willing to do to get to the goal. I took it for granted I suppose. It is hard when you have been spoiled to work with professionals who are so close minded. Much like substance abuse recovery, I find so much more help from my fellow breast feeders, parents, alcoholics, what have you… Medical professionals worth their price are few and far between in my experience but they are totally out there.


I choose to have confirmation bias. I will only see the negative lol


We are going to be fine. It is just such a headache to respectfully stand my ground without making massive waves. One of these days I am going to need her help with perscriptions or something I really dont know the answer to and I need her to feel like I am reasonable and respectful for when that time comes. And she really isn’t a bitch. She has treated Colleen well since we have been seeing her, she just didnt do the infant part with us.


It is just extra humiliating too. I feel like this should have been seamless because I have done it before. I feel like I am failing this huge test when I have already passed it twice. It blows.


I know it is frustrating this time around. You feel like you should be able to glide thru, but the universe always has its own plans. Try not to be so hard on yourself. You are older, Chalmer is his own little self and things are different this time around. So be it. You are doing your best, that is all we can do.

I was spoiled in Vermont as well. Whole new ballgame down here. One doctor actually said to me at a routine physical, “Don’t you want to be thin?” I was like, huh? Is that It? I want to be thin and voila!? See ya later doc.


Mercy, what an asshole.


No shit, it was a woman too. Seriously, who says that to a woman in peri menopause??


I had a friend who’s Dr told her in the 3rd trimester of her 2nd pregnancy that she should start her diet early to get a jump on it because she was getting to big.
This was a woman who has endometriosis and some other stuff that makes her hold onto her weight.
She never returned to that Dr.


I’m so glad my girls pediatric Dr is so crunchy.
She never asks me if my girls are getting shots because she knows they aren’t. When I was nursing she made a few house calls for me just to check my baby because it was hard for me to leave the house.
When swine flu hit and they had the vaccine for it when asked she told me she did not get it for her kids because it was to new.


Omgosh that’s great! I’m so happy for you: the car, new place, and having split custody is the best part I know!

I was in the city the other day and I’m like I know some of my sober time family lives in NY but I couldn’t remember what area you were in and freaking @Englishd is so far away lol


I’m still eagerly awaiting the day someone passes through my area! We just got a new guy who lives in Rochester. We’ve got upstate covered now


And if I came you’d have the Caribbean covered… For a day lol


If I ever travel to paradise I will let you know.