You are missed


Oh man. He is soooooo beautiful. You did good mom ! I admire your passion and determination to have him on your terms. You did it and he looks beyond happy.

Baby kittens are the best after baby humans. You may be able to contact some no kill cat organization/rescues and get help with litter and food since your little girl is a rescue. Especially since she’s having babies. They can also help with placement so you don’t end up with 6 cats in a few months.


I am going to talk to the Virginia Beach SPCA about it. They are a no kill shelter. Then I need to get my cat fixed but they said the lowest on the sliding scale for the exam and the surgery is $140. I am not sure what to do about that except maybe make a patrion page about it. I heard there arw free spay places too. I have not looked farther than VBSPCA because I had more pressing issues. I suppose I have time to work the phone since she is an indoor kitty and we have some time before she would be healed from her birth.


When your ready try some private no kill rescues organization. They usually get grants or have a donation fund to help spay and neuter and can pay for the surgery.


Missing @Sobergal91. Haven’t seen much of you here of late.


I am pretty sure we saw that on the way in. Beautiful country.


You doing okay @NewFuture


Just a little food for thought, avoid no kill shelters that share a parking lot with a Chinese restaurant too :laughing:

@AnotherDayJM u hangin in there dude? Havent seen u in a minute now


@Belle1 hope you are doing well


Been a rough road as of late. I’m trying to figure out this thing called life.


Congrats on the beautiful baby.


No man is an island, unto himself, brother. Home is a place that no matter how long you’ve been gone, someone is glad to see you.

Welcome Home, brother.


I’m at work…ur making me cry bro.


Then roger-up when you clock out, or tell them you had a OC canister malfunction. We’ll be here.


I’m actually out for a run on my lunch hour…got some time to dry up the eyes.


Sending some strength your way.


Thank you :pray:t2:


It good see you you man. You have def been missed. Sending positive vibes your way! :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


Thanks Bill - means a lot


Yes, you definately HAVE been missed! I don’t think we interacted much, but I know I read a ton of what you posted. Always good shit!


Great to see you’re back @Spartan_Chris.