You are missed


Not doing too well but it’s fine, kinda used to it. Seeing a psychologist again tho


@JLS where’d you go?


Yoo who @louwho.


@Cobaltchris are you still around?


Yeah I miss him. Such great energy :zap:


@anon59060877, still thinking about you


Same here. @anon59060877, where is that lady?


@Purveyorofdoom0406…where’s that girl with the heavy metal hair?


Yes buddy im very much alive and still sober .im in a very grateful place regarding life it self:) thank u for checking up on me :blush: how are you doing? Life is so worth living with its UPS and downs .


I’m glad to see that you’re doing well. The forum collectively misses you.


Weekly shout out to @Twowaymirror. I know you’re around, but you should be around here.

Fix that damn bike. We are 1 mile from 400 miles this month


Omg, yayyyyyyyyyyy, you’re back!!! So glad you’re ok lol


I was worried you were back in the hospital


Good, I’m glad to hear that you’re ok and things are better but sorry it sucked for a while. We were thinking of you, as you can see! Lol


Hurrah and huzzzah!


Hey @MissMetal hope your’re doing well. Haven’t heard from you in a while.


@Finallyclarity haven’t seen you check in for awhile. Hope your doing well.


Thanks @Bill_Phillips

At 115 days! Life has just been a little crazy lately. Hope you’re doing well. :nerd_face:


I miss you folks too :slight_smile: but yes im in a good time at my life .i will try to be more active to help, support and share the same love as you guys show me :heart:


I am doing well, day 537. Thanks so much for checking on me, that means a lot!! :blue_heart::purple_heart: