You are missed


Yeah,I will keep endorsing every message like this. I mean I think God allowed me to get on this app before he stopped coming on and he was a real source of encouragement. I miss him and @Ignatius. But at least I know why Iggy doesn’t come on. With Kevin there was like no closure. I just really hope he’s ok.


The weather makes my bipolar look stable.


I like that. I would steal that line if I could, but I’ll just stick to my slight OCD space


Aww wow!! There’s this little place called the Kaibab lodge and I work there!!! It’s 18 miles from the rim its so cool!!!


Im ok. Still sober, 82 days. Had to step back and focus on some things. Myself and ( I thought ) if I focused real hard maybe I could help my hubby. If I just spend the time on him instead of here Yea, that was stupid and I should know better, how many days later and nothing has changed except my urge have been getting worse every day it seems.
I did miss you all and hope everyone is well.
I’ll just tag those who are asking. @C-sun @Englishd @MandiH @Neighbrofthebeast668


Glad you’re back and still sober girl! I know what you mean, the few days I took off were a bad idea, my craving were way worse. Hugs!


I’m still worried about @daffodil. You ok girl?


I am ok, thank you for asking @C-sun! I fell off wagon, not into super heavy drinking but a little, and it’s been hard to figure out what I’m doing. Feel like I’m ready to work on it again properly now.


So glad you are still doing good on the sober front! We lose so many people on here. I’m sorry life is throwing you bullshit though. Just know that, no matter what, you are greatly loved and respected by all of us!


My friend is back…my friend is back!..i can smile again


Oh heeeeey. I can read the meme thread again. Let me or @Donnie_Spiering know if we can give any further advice for hubby.


Nothin stupid about it, I know that’s gotta be a tough situation and u gotta do what u gotta do. I’m just glad to know ur still fighting those urges and didnt give in, i had a few kinda rough ones about the same time, and I noticed I had sorta slacked off on goin to meetings and sayin much on here…when I realized u weren’t around I really did think the worst, thanks for proving me wrong! Getting up and seeing all those notifications just made my day! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I was thinking I’d seen her in the last day or 2 but it does say almost a week. I’m only about 30 mins from her, and I think @Donnie_Spiering and @Bill_Phillips aren’t too far on the other side, we’ll hit the outlet stores she was talking about and track her down if she doesn’t show back up! :slightly_smiling_face: Lol, jk



i always enjoyed reading your comments hope youre well!


I am so glad to hear you are alive. :grin: welcome back.


I am so glad to hear you are ok. Hey, my kitty baby is going to be a kitty mama! I felt them moving in her belly for the first time today. It is so exciting. I have had no babies in my life in a decade and now i am crawling with baby things.


You had baby, right? Congratulations! I go off this forum for a while and miss huge things!


I did. Look, he has been adopted by a dog that submissivly shows me her belly all the time. I think because she respects that I am “her” baby’s Babymama. It is quite amusing.


Oh man. He is soooooo beautiful. You did good mom ! I admire your passion and determination to have him on your terms. You did it and he looks beyond happy.

Baby kittens are the best after baby humans. You may be able to contact some no kill cat organization/rescues and get help with litter and food since your little girl is a rescue. Especially since she’s having babies. They can also help with placement so you don’t end up with 6 cats in a few months.


I am going to talk to the Virginia Beach SPCA about it. They are a no kill shelter. Then I need to get my cat fixed but they said the lowest on the sliding scale for the exam and the surgery is $140. I am not sure what to do about that except maybe make a patrion page about it. I heard there arw free spay places too. I have not looked farther than VBSPCA because I had more pressing issues. I suppose I have time to work the phone since she is an indoor kitty and we have some time before she would be healed from her birth.