You are missed


When your ready try some private no kill rescues organization. They usually get grants or have a donation fund to help spay and neuter and can pay for the surgery.


Missing @Sobergal91. Haven’t seen much of you here of late.


I am pretty sure we saw that on the way in. Beautiful country.


You doing okay @NewFuture


Just a little food for thought, avoid no kill shelters that share a parking lot with a Chinese restaurant too :laughing:

@AnotherDayJM u hangin in there dude? Havent seen u in a minute now


@Belle1 hope you are doing well


Been a rough road as of late. I’m trying to figure out this thing called life.


Congrats on the beautiful baby.


No man is an island, unto himself, brother. Home is a place that no matter how long you’ve been gone, someone is glad to see you.

Welcome Home, brother.


I’m at work…ur making me cry bro.


Then roger-up when you clock out, or tell them you had a OC canister malfunction. We’ll be here.


@daffodil we miss you!
Hope you are doing well


I’m actually out for a run on my lunch hour…got some time to dry up the eyes.


Sending some strength your way.


Thank you :pray:t2:


It good see you you man. You have def been missed. Sending positive vibes your way! :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


Thanks Bill - means a lot


Yes, you definately HAVE been missed! I don’t think we interacted much, but I know I read a ton of what you posted. Always good shit!


Great to see you’re back @Spartan_Chris.


I hope you are doing ok. I saw you were on yesterday but haven’t posted in over a week.