You are missed


I was wondering the same thing, I see hes been on but I keep missing him when he is


Hi @weevee !! I’m still in! “We” are 444 days clean today​:blush::ok_hand: and still going!!! It was very hectic at work, kids and a new love​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but i’m doing it day by day. Not drinking is easy now, feels natural. More busy with awarness of feelings and behavior now. Kids tell me i’m calm and i also feel this way. Sometimes i feel anxiety without a reason, i know that’s old underlying stuff from my childhood (violence due to alcoholic dad) that still got a hold on me. I feel sadness sometimes but that’s ok. Just process… how are you doing?? Big hug sis fella​:rose::rose:


He sent a message. Said hes just laying low and reading. Said hes good though.


So happy to hear your still on the right path with me… :grin::+1: im doing great also. Life is so much more manageable now. I also find it easy to not drink now but i will never let my guard down. We’ve got this !! :grin::shamrock::tulip:


@SubRoxSurvivor check in and tell us how life is


@BeccaLinny hope you are doing well.


@Sophiesrecovery you are going to have so many notifications from me. We need your positivity


Good to hear you are still sober and well :grinning:


I’m great guys thank you for asking. Hope everyone is living their best life possible!

I was out of the country on a cruise. It’s good to have extra money now that I’m not spending money on doctor visits and on pills ha!

cruising a long… coming up on 5 months I believe?

I don’t count the days anymore since my app reset. I really haven’t felt this good in over a decade.
Life is great right now!






It’s been almost exactly a year since you’ve posted. @KevinesKay wishing you all the best


@Naturehippy I was cleaning out my room today and found the letter and milestone you mailed me. It made my whole day, seeing as iv been kind of moody lately. Miss you wishing you well


Man has it already been that long since Kevin has checked in…I know I called out for him a long time ago.


@Rayn, haven’t seen you post lately. Doing ok?


@Spartan_Chris give us a shout bro.


@Heddy and @Rayn, hope all’s well, and you’re just taking a break.


I saw heddy earlier today I believe


She liked one of my comments. Would welcome a “Roger Up”.


Hey I’m still around I was in rehab for 30 days, just out a few days now. 40 days clean and sober :slight_smile: Thanks for thinking about me!