You are missed


Awesome! Hello!


the “how many years, months, days…” thread popped up again, and that always makes me think of @kimnovakkk. i feel it’s a bit extreme to ban someone until 2045 for posting about a book he wrote, but oh well. wish he’d pop back in on another screen name and say how he’s doin just hope he’s good regardless!!


@Lola hoe gaat het?


@marsha I hope you are flourishing.


@Lula74 I need my sober twinsee


@keoH Hanging in there?


Hi Joe, het gaat goed!!
Had some busy days with the end of a training. Learned a lot!
Day 378 and counting :dancer:
How are you?


Goed dank je wel. Het is Vridag :grinning:

Glad you are OK. Have a good weekend.


No, I haven’t. Lost most of my support system & have to succumb to drinking again. I want to get better, though.


@happyfeet, thinking about you and hope you’re doing well!


I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your support system. I remember what it was like when I had been sober a little while and then picked up again. Life is dark at that point. Let us know if we can help you out.

Cliche as it is, you never have to drink again. When you are ready, we can help you get back in the saddle.


@Spartan_Chris you are missed


Hey friend. It sounds like things are dark and scary right now. I hope you can come back to us and use us for all we are worth. This place had been my primary support since I stopped IOP and went back to work, and it’s gotten me to 400 days today. We are all here when you are ready! But PLEASE DO COME BACK!


@keoH we miss you around here.
Come check in


Still alive…
Not drinking…
Found my sobriety in cannabis, most don’t or won’t agree with that method so i keep to myself…


@Spartan_Chris…where are you brother? Don’t make me come looking for you. I hafta fly cross country, and I’m gonna be pissed, and that badge and duty belt won’t help you. So save yourself some grief and aggravation, and roger-up for roll-call…Capice’?


@Just4Today I see you lurking about, but you haven’t posted in a minute. Everything okay?


I was just thinking about her. I have a prayer in my prayer box for her too from ages ago. I hope that situation worked out.


@willow and @Cali_mom - how are you two lovely ladies doing? I hope life is treating you kindly.


100 days today.

I also started a weight loss program a week into sobriety and am down -41.6 lbs. I never could have done that while drinking.

I can’t believe it. :heart:

Thanks for checking in @MoCatt. How are you?