You are missed


Oh wow!!! That’s amazing and so great to hear! No wonder I was thinking of you today - the universe wanted to celebrate your hard work!:heart:

I’m really good. 96 days here! :slight_smile:

Great to hear from you!


Nice to see you back @Rikk. Its been a while seeing you !! Think you where probably 1 of the firsts on this forum ??


Hey man, thanks for checking in on me. All is well, started a new job last week and cant have my phone out. So between that and life, just kind of busy. Hitting more meetings though which is a good thing. Hope all has been well for you!


@Becca_Lynn_Hoffman give us a shout.


@Ryan87 where have you been, buddy?


I’m here bro - just working through life - all good :ok_hand:t2:


@Cobaltchris how​you doing?


Good to hear. No “10-10” here, or “10-23”. I might think you are “11-12” and don’t hesitate to “11-98” if needs be.


@Purveyorofdoom0406 hay girl, haaaay! Where have you been? Been thinking about you.


Thank you Steve!

You guys and this app helped save me not only from the grips of alcohol, but also a cult. I’ve been fighting a battle beyond alcohol for a while and I would allude to it every once and a while, but now that I’m “allowed” to speak more openly, I hardly speak at all. It’s been a crazy year but the sanity of sobriety and the freedom of no longer associating with drinkers and people who hide in their shadows is priceless. Living life honest, sober, and in day to day simplicity is such a gift. I take with me the lessons and experiences of the past and I’ve gained the opportunity to spend each waking day of the rest of my life sober, honest, loving, and most important, using my newly aquired FREE WILL to encourage others that no matter what plagues you, the cure is NOT alcohol.

Thank you Steve! Perhaps when you get a chance, you can send a photo of the words I wrote and sent you? The original I had wrote got thrown away along with all the other gifts and treasures that were shared with me on my journey to truth, peace, and inner and outer sobriety.

The lessons I’ve learned are still hurting but the insight and experience gained will serve as a reminder to myself to drink in moments not fermented fruits. Hehe


Yay! Great to hear from one of the most prolific and nicest, stand-up characters on the forum again! That’s made my day.


Hey love! Sorry. Been struggling to keep sober. I’m afraid I restarted the clock again today. I drank today. I feel so damn ashamed. I’m back though and going to fight ever harder! Love you all. :sparkling_heart:


It’s great to see you back!


Welcome back to a group of individuals that know relapse. Shake off the shame, take a deep breath, and tomorrow starts day 1. Feel like a drink, come here and talk to us. We will help as we can.


Thanks so much. Missed you all. :sparkling_heart:


I certainly will. You guys helped me so much. I should of come here sooner. :sparkling_heart:


You’re here now, that is what matters.


We fall down so we can learn to pick ourself up.


Nice to hear from you love,. I always smile when I see your name pop in!


Hey storm! It is really nice to see you back. We are here for you so don’t be a stranger. You are not alone!