You are missed


Hey! Hi! Missed you too! Crazy last few decades! Hehe


Mahalo! Missed everyone! Feels good to reconnect… and sit down hehe


I’ve not been doing well which is why I haven’t been on here, I’ve reset so many times that I feel embarrassed and ashamed. I have started getting help at Change Grow Live which deal with all addictions and I have a meeting tomorrow morning. I am taking it seriously and realise the implications alcohol brings. I feel so unhealthy and have no energy, no clothes fit and everything has been a vicious circle of wanting to drink because I feel crap anyway. Stupid brain!!


I haven’t met an alcoholic that hasn’t relapsed, I am sure one probably exists…perfect time to hop on is when you are feeling that way. We get it, we have been there. You need us, we will be here


Thank-you that’s good to hear. I’m feeling more positive tonight so I hope tomorrow will be good.


Man seeing all these makes me realize how many people i have talked to about sobriety and how hard the fight is. Even when people relapse i wish theyd come back and not let the shame keep them at the bottom of the bottle.


I still find it hard to talk to people even though I eventually told close family. Non alcoholics don’t understand how ever much they try to. Talking on here is easier because people do understand but I still feel ashamed


Definitely agree with @ScottMichigan! You’re among friends who not only understand, but have done the same thing. We share the same brain, we totally get it! I’m so glad @MoCatt reached out to you and happy to hear about tomorrow’s meeting. Big hugs @Willow :hugs: Keep trying. It’s the best decision ever. Keep making it everyday. Your hard work will pay off & it will get easier in time! xo


Thank you I will try and come on here every night again to keep focused.


CGL seems pretty cool. It’s like a mix between where I did my outpatient and the place I work now. Does insurance cover it? Is it only available in the UK?


Dont be ashamed friend. What would be shameful is if you stopped trying to better yourself. We have all failed at one time. But its in the past. Just like if you drank yesterday its in the past. What matters is right now and the future. Stay strong and stay checking in no one here judges you. God bless.


It does seem ok so far. As I’m in the UK I’m not sure about insurance but it is free for me. I’ve been a few times and been assessed and now have to see their doctor on Wednesday. There are different sessions every day I can go to from “smart” groups which are a bit like AA or women only or helping with looking for work etc. I’ll let you know how the one tomorrow goes


Thank you so much


Scott is right, we have all been there, so try not to be too hard on yourself. You are back here and it sounds like working some new stuff into your recovery. Hopefully learning and making baby steps…finding what works for you. Don’t give up.


Hey @Willow! Am I ever glad to see you in here again. Please don’t feel embarrassed…I doubt there is a single person in here who was able to stop drinking the first day they decided to do it. I’m just so happy to see you post again, and I think it is great that you are going to a meeting. And you said hello here, which is awesome. Please keep checking in with your successes and your struggles. We’ve all been there. But I promise you - life sober is better than you can even imagine. You will get there❤️!!!


Hi today’s meeting went well, it was a women only group for an hour and a half talking about anything we wanted to. Some very serious things to light hearted chit chat, it felt good. The woman who took the group was brilliant and made me feel comfortable along with the other ladies in there, I will definitely go again. I’m leaving my job tomorrow after 10 years a decision that I believe to be the right one. I need a new start.


Jesus Silas. @Twowaymirror again… You are never going to regain regular status at this point.

Nice ride though.


Yeah, where the crap are you? I see you on Strava. I know you’re alive!


Anyone seen @BrookieB around? I know she was having some relationship issues and haven’t seen her since.


She was around today.