You are missed


What a refreshingly wonderful and thoughtful post and sure to make valuable people feel their worth and to feel cherished!!


Hey…I know I’ve been kind of sporadically MIA this past month. Between relationship issues, work, and getting a head start on one of my classes for the fall (10 in total, 7 in person, 3 online, one is available to start now as a self paced class) I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress, anxiety, and just emotional ups and downs.

Thank you for checking on me, it’s good to know that people still care…I’m just having a rough time.


Hang in there, glad you are surviving :grinning:


I hope you have a good support system where you are. That’s a ton of stress! Glad to see you’re still around.


Hopefully your stress lessens when tourist season is over


Day by day girl. A lot of us are thinking of you. It sounds like some stress relief and self care is on order…exercise? Long walk,? Yoga? Meditation? Yelling therapy? Hot bath? Long cry?


All of the above lol although I already got the long cry in, cried for 2 days straight on Monday and Tuesday.


It happens, and is good for you to get it out.


Hey Christie (@Troxie) missing you! Are you doing ok?? :hugs:


yeah…where is she :frowning:


@MikeSeekingHope I haven’t seen you in a few days, I know you were feeling some stress from moving, I hope all is well!


Has anyone heard from Kater - maybe on another social media platform? Her id (@Kater) seems to be removed from this site.


She is no longer a member here, but she is missed.


I live! And I’m sober! The last few weeks have been ridiculous getting our house ready to sell. I have had very little free time and stress is a trigger. But I’m working my program and so far it’s working.

Now that the house is finally on the market, my wife and I are leaving on a vacation we’ve been planning for about a year. The timing is perfect. I hope I can get back on here everyday while vacationing.

Thank you for thinking of me. Hope you’re doing well too.


@Mobius. Haven’t seen you for a bit, sir. Hope you’re doing alright


It works if you work it! Good stuff


Howdy. Thanks for checking TMAC, I’ve been doing alright, work is getting me down but not enough to make me drink which is a good sign!


You were going to be my next to shout to! Glad you’re ok. Plan some de-stressing, fun stuff for tonight :hugs:


Hey to you. Hope you’re doing good. Feeling the love on Talking Sober :blush:. De-stressing sounds like a plan, I’ve been working out pretty hard the last couple of weeks, I think the more stressed I get the more I work out. I’m a tad worried I’m getting addicted, I feel guilty if I don’t work out but hell it sure beats getting wasted.

Glad to see you, TMAC and some familiar peeps still about though.


@Shelfrank hope all is well. Why don’t you drop us a line.