You are missed



Ahhh - I’m glad to see you. Oh my goodness - how many years did I know I needed to quit before it finally stuck? The important thing is that you are trying again, taking care of yourself, and working to make a better life for you! I’m sorry things have been so rough. Depression is a beast - but sounds you are using all the right tools to deal with it.


@Steve92 we love you buddy, please reach out to us. I know you are going through a rough time, but we are here for you. You don’t need to go through this alone my friend.


@Steve92 just saw your recent posts…glad you are back with us.


Where’s @Steve’O was admin when I first joined and gave some good advice?


@Edinchel please let us know how you are


Hey Derek, I’m doing good :wink: Sadly I’m not on vacation lol. I tried to cut my online time bc I was constantly online on my phone or computer :relieved:


I was gonna “miss” you this morning! I knew you were hanging back on the socials but I miss your goofballness!


There once was a man named “Chad R”. He was a great and wise man and never tried to sugar coat things or go against his own beliefs to not offend others. I cant link to his name but I pray the man is still sober and God continues to bless him and his family.


Chad R was a great member. I’m sad he decided to log off, but grateful for his time here.


@Ninetales it’s only been a couple of days, but I’m used to you checking in daily almost.


He has a different name, but hasn’t been on regardless


Yea i know his new name but i figured he changed it so people wouldnt know it. I sent him a message but he mever responded. Gonna have to dig up his email. I believe he left because there was a time on the forum when people were overly offended by anything that wasnt exactly what they wanted to hear. Started to become you had to walk on eggshells to avoid the arguements. Glad to see things are normal again tho.


This place goes through phases, for sure.


Definitley does. I remeber i got very close to being banned😂.


I took a couple of months off around December/January. Came back refreshed and ready to watch the chaos. :joy: I think I remember thinking you were gunna get the boot.


@Li5a how are you holding up?


Im pretty sure im permabanned from the lounge :cry:. But Ive come to accept it since its just a place to discuss false beliefs on cheesecake.


It’s been pretty boring since the great cheesecake debate ended.


I’ve been thinking about her too. And @happyfeet!