You are missed


We miss you while you’re gone but we totallt get it!


I was about to call @happyfeet out on this thread, too. Hello, Anne! Hope you are well.


And @Rosey , too.


You should only be allowed in the lounge so you don’t start problems out here lol


What is goofballness? :grin: When I put it in my translator it says it’s an insult :thinking::cold_sweat:


:joy: goofballness is a way to say silly


Hahaha maybe ill discuss that with robin.


I am silly? :frowning::sob::sob::sob:


Awww. It’s a term of endearment over here. F yo translator lol


It’s a good thing, promise!


Awww @Sober_Ninja and @MandiH so kind of you shouting out at me. I’m not doing great but I’m ok so far. Keep on fighting the fight although struggling. You both are a massive inspiration and motivation to me and others. Thanks for being here and watch out for me. This means so so much to me. Hugs and a happy sober weekend everybody :kissing_heart:


I think you should. Always starting problems :joy:


But we’re not ‘social media’ !! We’re SPECIAL…we’re ‘US’!!! Go top super team yaaaay :tiger::lion::tiger::lion::tiger::lion:


Keep coming back love, it’s a battle but I’m glad you are still fighting it. Hugs!!


Hey @Sherri my fellow Aussie! You’ve been quiet lately. How are you travelling?


Hey there, Ashley! Jenny (@MissDuse) too - thanks for missing me :slight_smile:

I’ve been drifting away from this forum a bit, I keep forgetting to check in. I’m doing just fine though, I finished day 112 today. I’ve gotten into WFS , and actually traveled across Iowa today to meet up with a woman I met through WFS. So cool to meet a sober friend! I’m feeling really proud anymore about living a sober life. It has gotten easier and easier, and I feel really good about it.

I hope you guys are doing well!


Still here lol. Haven’t checked in or anything for awhile cause i kept resetting and it was embarrassing :confused:. Anyways day 30 today! Went to a festival at Logan village and then up Mt tamborine today. Yet another stunning Qld winter’s day :sun_with_face:. How u going? How’s the kiddies?


Woohoo day 30!! Don’t be embarrassed about resetting - I’ve done that plenty myself but now going strong at day 18. Sounds like you’ve had a great day - and we call it winter at the moment!!! The kids are good… testing, challenging and experts at pushing buttons but if I’m travelling well they seem to do better also. Great to hear from you xx


Awesome! I am so happy you are doing so well! We are always here if you need us. :blush:


I am here and sober, just a bit overwhelmed and in survival mode and not finding the focus to check in. The good thing about this difficult phase is that I have zero craving for drinks or any other drug. Thank you for caring! :heart: