You are missed


I’m right there with you. Been in survival mode since I started reducing the Seroquel at the beginning of the year. Glad you are being strong and that you have found a nice, level place with your sobriety (relatively speaking).


Thank you! :heart:


I’ve been Super crazy busy…and this is super crazy, but I fell in love and I’m getting married next month! Life is crazy and God is amazing! Thanks for thinking of me!(and @Englishd) Also I’m still sober and going strong.


Umm, weren’t we supposed to be together forever?

Seriously though, congrats!


Haha! I’m surprised you’re not rubbing this in my face after I warned you dating was a horrible idea. But thank you! I have actually known him 10 yrs. We’ve gone to church together all that time and I’ve cut his hair for the last 5 yrs. We have been really good friends and then one day…bam! Our eyes were opened and we saw each other in a totally different light. Totally a God thing and I’m so excited!


Well, I wasn’t going to bring it up, buuuut since you said something :grin:


This is amazing!


I’m so happy for you :heart:


Wow, that is exciting news! Congratulations!!


Thinking about you @Anita_Jean, hope you’re hanging in there girl!


Thank Mandi. I am doing ok. Today marks 9 months sober, and I am celebrating with the worst case of the flu I can remember having.


Ugh, congratulations on your 9 months but I’m so sorry you’re sick too! I hope you feel better soon


Almost to 9 myself and sick as a dog too with a norovirus. Feel better and finish these last three months strong.


@Twowaymirror it’s been long enough. Come back.


@Annie_Craton. You were one of the first people that welcomed me, where have you been?


Damn it @Elisabeth will you at least check in. We miss you!!!


That is what I have as well. I feel like death! Hope you feel better soon as well!!


I am feeling much better, thanks.


Hi @Umpf you are still missed… come and say hello… hopefully you get this message :grin:


@Longhorn where ya at man.