You are missed


@Darthnerd haven’t seen ya post in a while! How are you holding up?


What up @Troxie?


Hi @Rain66.
I’m around. I’m working on a lot of things. I’ve been to a homeopathic doctor. My therapist is strong in my life. The cysts I have on both ovaries have thrown my hormones out of whack. My stomach problems have prompted a new diet. My inability to sleep is hopefully being tended to. And my depression and anxiety are being addressed. Shew. It’s a whole dang process. I have things beyond drinks. I’ve started doing more phone calls than messages because I’m a communicator. I looked into women of sobriety but it’s all online in my area and that won’t help me any.
Sending you love and hugs. Thank you for checking in. I’m working on all things.


Incredible how many things we discover that we should take care of, once getting a drink isn’t the most important thing to us. :joy:


Hey @Becsta and @AiJ, missing you both!


I haven’t seen you post or reply in a while @Insperation

Is everything okay?


Started my new job and just started school. I am okay, just swamped.


:smiley: :wave:


I hope the new job is going well and the kiddos started school without too much trouble! :heart:️ glad to hear you’re doing okay!


went through a list of users and started wondering where is @fokusnik, @Twowaymirror, @Uniek and the rest of the Neverland people???


Silas is doing his own thing, but he’s doing well.


I thought so…still had to wonder…isn’t he in strava too?


sure is. I text him a few times a month just to say hi. He’s got a new lady friend so I think that’s keeping him busy :wink:


What is this thing with everyone and new women in their lives…where’s my 13th step…this is so unfair :wink:


I see him on Instagram as well. Seems to be doing good.


Keep coming back


Sounds like a Crystal Method song.


Thinking of you @Sassyrocks, hope you are well!


How are you doing @VSue? Hope you are just into the Guac and chips as per your last post.


Aw! Just saw @Sassyrocks profile message. Hope life is treating you well, and thank you for both your wisdom and sassiness.

And another holla to @Becsta, too. :blue_heart: