You are missed


Yep. @Neighbrofthebeast668, holler at us! I miss your trash talking (and your wisdom).


@Rosey did you get married yet? Come give us updates!


I did!!! On Saturday. And I could NOT be happier!


Good looking family you have there


thank you! I think so. Obviously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh my word. You are stunning! What a beautiful family!


aww thank you!


Such wonderful news, and such a beautiful new family! Thanks for sharing this, Rosey!


I’m so happy for you :heart_eyes: Congratulations :kissing_heart::heart:


Congratulations, @Rosey and may God bless you and your family!


@Mobius I haven’t seen you post in a while, how are you doing?


Hey, thanks for checking in, I’m OK, still sober which is great but it’s been a tough couple of weeks. Got fired from my job, apparently you can’t tell customers to “have a really nice fucking day” who knew :man_shrugging:. There were a couple of times since then I’ve really craved getting wasted but they passed fairly quickly, just boredom now until I start back at my old job in a week or so. Anyway, appreciate the love being spread again on Talking Sober, stay safe :heart:


Hello! Man, I’m glad to see you. Sorry to hear about your job, but I’m awfully glad you have another one in the wings. Well done on keeping perspective and staying sober.





No Chris you sure can’t :sweat: Awww @Mobius sorry you’re hitting a rough patch. Really glad you have another job waiting & you’re not reaching for a drink. Get to the reason behind your crankiness & the next job will go more smoothly. Use this time to invest in your sobriety :heart:️ Hugs :hugs:


You can, if you are willing to accept the consequences. There is nothing that I cannot say to my customers, rather things I choose not to say, because the consequences are higher than the satisfaction I would get, by speaking my mind. I learned this in the Marines.

You’d be amazed at how much you can see, in the light of a burning bridge.

This applies to marriage, and life in general.

Still, glad this is more of a break, than a period of long unemployment.


You’re absolutely right, it’s just accepting consequences for actions, I’m more annoyed at myself for not being able to control my temper in those situations. Got my first Krav Maga lesson next week, I’m not expecting any deep philosophy from it but I’m hoping I might learn something about the way I handle certain situations.


Awesome. Be nice to have another Kravist here. Here’s the philosophy of Krav Maga:

Redirect, Control, Attack, Take Away.

Now, as a budding martial artist, I would recommend Musashi’s Book Of Five Rings, Soho’s Unfettered Mind, and Chozanshi The Demon’s Sermon On The Martial Arts, in the order presented.


What you up to out there, @MrsJones? Hope you’re doing well!


@Longhorn can I get a hell yeah?