You are missed


Hell to the fuck yeah!!! How bout that! :joy::joy:


Good to see you dude


Thanks!!! Sorry I haven’t been around much just haven’t been on social media lately.


That’s fine…as long as you’re sober. Just come by now and then to inspire others :slight_smile:


Yes definitely sober and enjoying it!!!


This is Anti-social media. It’s allowed.


Cool I’ll keep that in mind! Lol


@Ash hope your doing well my New England friend. It’s been a while and miss seeing you around.


Hi Capt AZ. I relapsed. I’m going to recommit myself again and fight the good fight. This Sunday I start again.


That works for me! :metal::metal::metal:


Glad to see ya back bud! It takes what it takes.


Is @Ray_M_C_Laren on that boat trip now or why is he not sharing his wisdom??


Hey @naturehippy77, hope all’s ok and you’re carrying on the good fight!


And you too, @Persil, my sober buddy! How have you been these days?


Thanks! Been a BUSY week… but fighting condescendtion with kindness and ignorance with bliss and self control and a golden tiara



@BeccaLinny hope you’re still living the sober life you crave


I went MIA but I am back now! :blush:


Nice to see you back. Hope you stay a while.


First day sober again… and feeling hopeful


Good to see you!