You are missed


@BondJaneBond - I miss the everlovin’ heck out of you.


Welcome back. Hope you stay…here, and sober.


Yes @BondJaneBond, we miss you. We know you are rock solid in your sobriety. Hope everything else is good and you are just busy living a fantastic life.


Miss them too


Omg look at you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: you look amazing. Congratulations


@Rayn. Where ya at buddy?


@Nikkicar where ya been


@Wonwo - I hope you are doing swimmingly! Miss you…


I am still around. Struggling here and there but still sober. Trying to stay busy with myself. With hunting season a week away I should be good with things to keep me busy. Thank you for checking up on me. Hope all is well with you and yours as well!!


@daffodil .


She is having some issues with her daughter. Its been a couple weeks since ive heard from her but thats all i know…she is ok and still sober from what i know…


Agreed, she told me to let everyone know she was not having any issues staying sober if anyone was asking but her daughter needed her. I text her a few days ago but haven’t heard back yet, which isn’t like her. I’ve been praying all is ok over there!


I have no doubt that she was sober. Just wondering and missing


Me too, love her! It’s been quiet lately around here


Anyone hear from @BondJaneBond?


She’s taking a break.


I have no doubt she is sober. Is she okay?


Yeah, from what little I know


Thank you but I didn’t hang in there. I kept falling off repeatedly. I feel like I’ve done enough damage and I’m focused again. I’m on Day 3 now and I’m going to make sure don’t mess up again.


Thinking of @Ninetales and @Becsta this morning. Hope you ladies are well!