You are missed


Hey there,@seanfox787! Glad to see you again.


Paging @beyondmythoughts. Been a little while and missing your insights!


I’m still here :slight_smile: Doing great! It’s been getting crazy busy at work, so that’s been keeping me very busy! I also deleted the app because I felt like I was obsessively checking it all the time! haha thank you for checking in on me :slight_smile:


I was like that at the start. Now I check it, but only to follow certain threads. I dont do a whole lot of rooting around random threads.


That… I completely understand! :rofl: Glad to hear you’re well. Think we missed your big 60. Congrats! :hugs:


Yes. I don’t spend as much time on random threads. I got a promotion at work and with that, many extra responsibilities, so I have much less free time throughout the day :hugs:


Thank you! It was Sunday :hugs: I celebrated with a milkshake and finishing up my weekend chores :joy:


Congrats! That’s awesome! I hope you’re rich now!


haha very funny! I wish!


In spirit, at the very least! :v:


@Uniek hope you’re still trudging along


@Mobius - I miss your thoughts. Hope you are doing okay…


@Becsta I miss you. And I hope you are doing well :pray::pray::pray:


Hey Gabe. I’m okay, just been off the wagon. Keep trying and failing.


Just keep throwing things at the wall man… Something will stick. I’m always around if ya need anything


@Spartan_Chris you are missed.


Also wandered but main think you are clean and on the path


Doing great, thanks for thinking of me. I’m going to hit 1 year free from cigarettes this month!, And 6 months sober. So, I’m good.


Hey there @TMAC. I’ve finally found my way back. Fell off the wagon and been stumbling for a bit. I’m a day and a half sober and ready to buckle down.


I thought I responded to this when I read it first. Glad to see you back, man. Sorry to hear you fell off for a bit, but good for you for pulling yourself back up. Keep at it. You don’t lose until you stop trying.