You are missed


Nice to hear from you! I’m working hard and really trying to give back as much as I can. Lots of changes ahead.


I’m with you, @BillS! She did check in a little farther back on this thread, doing well and getting busy with life.

Your presence is still felt though, @beyondmythoughts, and would love to hear how you’re doing. :heart:


@Umpf you are missed


Yesssss!!! I’ve been thinking about you, glad to see you popping in!! :heart_eyes:


School is still in session … Congrats on just passing 3yrz!


Woot woot, that is hard earned time right there too! So proud of you!


Glad to see you back!!


Definitely good. Just truckin along. Waiting to have my 1year ice cream party in 63 days, not that im counting :wink:
Pretty awesome youre hitting your 3rd in 2 days, or was it last wed?


Damn right i will!! I better get something different than the vanilla i have in the fridge.


Its my daughters and mother in laws favorite too. I suppose i can justify getting it for the house that way. Its not aaaallll for me though :wink:


Oh yes you do!


Yeah, good point.


I will enjoy plain old vanilla, mint=yuck! Welcome back


I will throw some strawberries on it then…someone needs to celebrate with ribs, or cheesburgers!


I like the way you operate chick.

Good to see you around.


That is a great choice of favorite flavor!
:cookie: :icecream: :candy:

Looking forward to your post on the big day.


@Aquarius102 drop us a line


You know, lifes good. Too blessed to be stressed.


Hey girl! So glad to see you! So many of the people with long term time have disappeared. I miss all the wisdom. You are such a rock to me!

I hear ya about the struggles and white knuckling. I had to seriously kick up my therapy last week, and this week will certainly go up another notch as well. It feels good to be getting back on the right path, but it’s such a pain in the ass too.


It’s good to see you back.