You are missed


@Insperation. Hope you are hanging in there


Where are you bro? @Anarchy


@Surfin_bird1981 :kissing_heart:


@newLifeTries. Where ya been?


@beyondmythoughts how you doing girl?


@BondJaneBond - oh, how I miss you.


I think of her a lot!! Such an amazing woman.


@daffodil been thinking about you. Hope all is well.


Shes doing ok! Had some family things that has needed her full attention but she’s happy to be sober and present.


Is @Anarchy MIA? I’ve been away but that dude needs to get back here ASAP


Thank you for the update @MandiH please let her know I’m thinking of her.


@MewilHoward this place needs you. I may not always agree with you, but I damn sure respect you.


@Vitamia Where are you girl and how are you doing?

Also @naturehippy77, miss seeing you in here!


@me_me_me You are also missed!


hi mandy!
i am good i havent quit drinking totally but i am not drinking alot i had a glass of wine friday night and i am ok i know now not to abuse it and i can control it :slight_smile: how are you doing? thank you for reaching out to me that means alot


I know I’m missing my sci-fi geek twin @Rosey but I know you got a lot going on. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.


I’ve also been missing @BondJaneBond :slightly_frowning_face: where did you go now?


Maybe only a few days, but missing @Joanie and her clarity.


@DanielleRae hope you’re well


@mobius - miss you, brother. Hope you are finding your way okay.:heart: